Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Days and Nights

I've been keeping myself relatively busy while Jimmy has been gone on this underway. My parents came up this past weekend and I had a Lia Sophia party. It was the first time that I had guests over to my house so I had to make sure that things were put together. I tore apart most of the boxes in the basement, set up a t.v. viewing area down there, painted and put together the guest room, and cleaned the crap out of the upstairs. I had a great turnout at my party and would like to thank everyone who came! I even mowed the lawn all by myself...and I like it! (I think I do a better job than Jimmy...shh...don't tell) I've had time to go out with friends and want to start planning an actual housewarming party sometime this summer. We have a fire pit out back so I thought it would be fun to have a bbq/bonfire/drinking beer kind of party. I'm not very good at formalized things and this fits Jimmy and I so much better. Now to find a time when he'll be home...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ooooo Pretty Blog!!

So I went over to Kim's house tonight to get my box for May. Every month has a theme and we do a military wife swap where we send said box to a different person. It's kind of like a present every month! Well Kim had me and it was cooking/baking. I got a cookbook holder so I'm not constantly thumbing through pages while cooking, a HOT apron (I've always wanted inner housewife calls to me), a new cookbook, and little mini herbs in pots!! I'm so excited to cook with my apron on :) So Kim made me dinner and then she put together my new layout on my blog. Seriously...I wish I was that creative. It's fantastic!! So thank you Kim!
On an even better note this underway has been going pretty well. I went and played rock band over at Josh and Eric's apartment (former sailors from the Alex). I had a blast drinking and basically peeing myself because the two of them are hilarious. I started painting the guest room today and hope to finish it tomorrow. It's a super pale blue and will hopefully fit my Cape Cod beach theme.
On the most super note ever I got my acceptance package for Grad School!!!! I'm sooo psyched! I will be attending Central Connecticut State University in the Fall and getting my master's and certification in TESOL. For those that don't know TESOL stands for teaching english to speakers of other languages. Basically all the Asians that come from China to work in the casino need their kids to learn English, so I'd be working in the public schools to teach them English. I'm hoping this certification will get me in to the public school system and I could teach French as well. So yes, while I miss my Jimmy, things have been ok on the home front :)