Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a Boy!

We found out a few weeks ago that we will be adding a little man to our family! I was so convinced that it was a girl throughout most of my pregnancy that I really didn't believe the ultrasound tech when she quickly told us "boy". I've now gotten used to the idea of having a little boy around and I'm starting to get very excited. He's extremely active and kicks me all the time. Every time we go in for an ultrasound he is either flopping around or trying to suck on his hand/umbilical cord. I'm hoping that might mean he'll be a good breast feeder.
I'm doing well and have finished student teaching so I officially can teach! Unfortunately, there isn't much for jobs mid-year so I've decided to take it easy and just substitute until the baby gets here and I'll try to find something permanent for the fall. My tummy gets bigger every day and we're starting to tear the office apart in order to turn it into a nursery. I'm meeting with my doula this week and will be starting a hypnobabies home study course to help with labor (not hypnotizing the baby...more like putting myself in a relaxed state of mind in order to cope with labor). I also start pre-natal yoga this week! It's hard to believe that in roughly 4 months I'm going to be a mommy...agh!