Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Warning: Rant

Whenever people have asked me how many siblings I have, I have always said two brothers even though I wasn't really raised with my older half-brother and I very much am the quintessential eldest child. I no longer feel the need to include my older brother in my family. I understand that you have emotional problems that require doctors and medication, I get that. What bothers me is that nothing is ever going right in your life...EVER. You are Eeoyre times 1000. This is why no one can stand being around you. You have absolutely nothing nice to say and the conversation always has to revolve around you and how miserable your life is. You don't like your life go and change it. My little brother and I weren't handed a silver spoon (contrary to what you believe). We worked hard for the success and happiness that we enjoy today.

How dare you speak to our father, the man who has given you chance after chance, like he has never cared for you. You are 37 fucking years old...when are you going to grow up? My father is beside himself because he probably feels bad for hanging up on you. I don't. He should have hanged up on you a long time ago. You have made so many poor decisions in your life and yet you still got money, a car, moved back in with them, etc. When you were too self-absorbed to give anyone a call back, your father, step-mother and sister drove to RI to make sure you weren't dead, yet no one cares or has done anything for you.

Perhaps the crowning achievement in your incredible immaturity was deciding to post for pity on facebook.
"with "family" like that, who needs a family...what a waste of time "family" is"
Wow. Then to tell our father that you don't want to ruin his picture perfect family (meaning my father, mother, younger brother and I) and that he's never been there for you is insane. Apparently you need to go back on your meds and get your head out of your ass.

If you don't need "family" like us, then we sure as hell don't need an immature, miserable, druggie waste-of-space like you. Some people might think it's sad that my child will only have one biological uncle, but my child will have plenty of non-blood related people in its life who will love him/her. I wouldn't want my kid to be around someone as toxic as you.