Monday, December 13, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 29

Emotional: Umm..pretty good except for crying during White Christmas. Don't ask...I have no idea why.

Physical: Very good! I lost 3.2 pounds this past hopefully I'll keep going in that direction

Communication: He's super, super busy right now so I got another quick email. I totally understand and i'm super busy now too so it's not big deal

What's something fun you did this week: I hung out with some fellow Navy wives and watched the Army/Navy football game. It was nice to take a much needed break from my end of semester workload!

What are you looking forward to next week: THE END...of this semester and this weekly update

What made you happy this week: Seeing friends and watching White Christmas. It's my favorite x-mas movie and I love how they show it back to back. It's been playing in the background while I type papers

What made you sad/mad this week: The crazy amount of work I've had to do for school. It's just bad timing. Right before Jimmy comes home. I have so much that I have to do for school and all I want to do is make sure the house is clean and there's food in the fridge.

What do you miss the most: I missed doing all of the Christmas-y stuff with him this year. I had fun getting our tree together and decorating the house last year

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Layla is recovering nicely and Floyd could really use a walk right about now but I'm a slave to my computer for the next couple of days

Pictures from this week: None, too busy...sorry

The 3's of Me

~Saw this on Jenn's blog and decided to procrastinate school work by filling it out myself
Three Jobs I've Had In My Life:

1. Nanny
2. Management Assistant for Enterprise (ugh)
3. Sales Associate

Three Places I've Lived:

1. Queensbury, NY
2. Wilmington, CA
3. Uncasville, CT

Three Favorite Drinks:

1. Water
2. Chai Lattes
3. Diet Pepsi (though I don't buy soda anymore...I still love it)

Three TV Shows I Watch Regularly:

1. The Vampire Diaries
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. True Blood

Three Places I Have Visited:

1. Dublin, Ireland
2. Rome, Italy
3. Athens, Greece

Three of My Favorite Foods:

1. The duck and brie sandwich from Maestro's in Saratoga Springs, NY
2. A good salad..preferably one that I didn't make myself
3. Anything from the ocean

Three Things I am Looking Forward To:

1. My husband coming home!
2. Being done with this freakin semester!
3. Exploring the west coast next month!

Three Things That Are Always By My Side:

1. My animals
2. My phone
3. Water

Three Things That Are In My Car Right Now:

1. Jumper Cables
2. Phone charger
3. CDs everywhere

Three Things I Did Today:

1. School work
2. Showered
3. Ate an egg sandwich

So what about you? What are the 3's of you?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 28

Emotional: I got to spend a couple of days in Athens and then met up with my husband's boat in Cyprus for 5 fantastic days. I still cried like a little girl when we had to leave even though I knew he'd be home soon. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to see some amazing sites and that I spent some quality time with him.

Physical: Good! I was really run down overseas for a the first few days or so (I got 17 hours of sleep in 4 days) but I felt much better after getting a good night's sleep with my husband next to me. I ate a lot of really awesome Greek food and now I'm starting Weight Watchers all over again and am determined to stick to it.

Communication: I just got my first email this morning since when I last saw him. Obviously communication was great while we were together. We only got snippy with each other when we got lost and ended up walking around for 2 hours in search of a restaurant we both agreed on. We laughed at each other after I reminded him that he loves me, even when I am completely indecisive.

What's something fun you did this week: Well saw a bunch of stuff in Athens, took a 3 island cruise of the Saronic Gulf, saw my husband, got drunk with my husband and some sailors (I can't keep up), took a jeep safari through the mountains of Cyprus, basically had the time of my life. More recently, I got my Christmas tree and am starting to decorate for the holidays.

What are you looking forward to next week: Being done with presentations? I'm in crunch time at school so there isn't much to look forward to until it's all over...which happens to be right before my husband gets home.

What made you happy this week: Spending time with the man whom I love

What made you sad/mad this week: Saying goodbye to my husband...even though I know I'll see him again really soon, it doesn't make it much easier.

What do you miss the most: Watching him was nice to be able to do that for a little while.

How's Floyd and Layla this week:Layla is Frankenkitty after her surgery. She is doing well and gets her stitches out tomorrow. Big thanks to Kim for taking care of her while I was gone. Floyd is happy to be home and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his Dad

Pictures from this week: Blogger doesn't seem to like my Mac so it doesn't let me rearrange pictures easily. The top two are of the husband and I at various points during our safari of the Trodos Mountains in Cyprus. The bottom left is me kissing him for the first time in 6 months and the bottom right is me in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 26

Emotional: Great! I had acupuncture on Friday and that cleared my head a little. It's hard planning a trip with two other people and I think all will be well once we get on the's just the planning and people being anxious, etc.

Physical: Feeling good....waiting for the dreaded monthly friend.

Communication: Not much since Diego Garcia...he's been busy running work up stuff for ORSE so I'm cutting him some slack

What's something fun you did this week: Went out to dinner @ Azu with Sam and Amanda and met a new girl to Groton, Alyssa. I also went back home to NY yesterday for Collin's 1st birthday! I can't believe how quickly a year has gone by.

What are you looking forward to next week: Oh you know, the usual, getting on a plane, seeing the Parthenon and Acropolis, among other things ;)

What made you happy this week: Seeing my friends' kids back home and marveling at how much they've grown. The twins are a year 1/2 and are starting to talk and Collin is so big :) I can't wait to add to the bunch

What made you sad/mad this week: My test in my research class. It took us the entire 2 1/2 hour class period to finish and I still didn't really finish it...I left one question blank because I didn't have time to figure it out. Why would you give a test in a class where your sole purpose is to develop a research study, implement it, and write a huge paper on it. POINTLESS!

What do you miss the most: It makes me sad that he misses out on stuff like Collin's first birthday...I know he would have liked to go

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Sam and Joe took care of Floyd while I was gone this weekend and they took him for a nice, long walk so I'm sure he loved that. Layla managed to cut her ear somehow so I had to clean it and put some blood clotting stuff on it. My poor baby :(

Pictures from this week: Nada

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 25

Emotional: Pretty good! Despite a few problems with school I managed to end the week on a happy note :)

Physical: Still doing the dvd...haven't gotten sick yet either and don't plan on it! I think my face finally decided to stop breaking out all the time too.

Communication: The husband was on some island in the middle of nowhere for a few days. We got to talk quite a bit. I felt bad that the first time he calls I'm crying over crap at school, but in true Jimmy fashion he makes me feel better immediately.

What's something fun you did this week: So much shopping! I feel the need to buy lots of new clothes before I go on's a problem.

What are you looking forward to next week: I'm going to NY next weekend for my best friend's son, Collin's first birthday! I can't believe a year went by already.

What made you happy this week: Talking to my husband. He always knows what to say to make me feel better. We kind of mapped out a one year plan too (mostly i did, because I'm crazy like that and need to plan ahead)

What made you sad/mad this week: School. The powers that be tried to tell me I couldn't take this course I need next semester because I have to take another class before it. Well, neither one of my advisors told me nor is it stated on my planned program of study. After begging and pleading I got them to override it. I hate how nothing is made clear over there.

What do you miss the most: I'm looking forward to breathing again; to not feel like I'm constantly on edge or wound up. So yes, breathing, can't wait.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Floyd keeps dropping his bone in the magazine rack and can't get it back out. He does this at least once a day. I'm about ready to throw the bone out.

Pictures from this week: Woke up to this on Monday.........ARGH!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 24

Emotional: Happy for the most part. My education professor is seriously making me want to slit my wrists and not become a teacher. I keep reminding myself that I only have to see her three more times.

Physical: I've been tracking what I eat and doing my dvd every other day (to minimize soreness). Hopefully I'll lost a little weight before I go see Jimmy.

Communication: I got a surprise skype call on Halloween! Though we didn't get to talk much because the connection was bad (we typed). We planned out all of our trips and we're very excited to see each other soon.

What's something fun you did this week: I had a few friends over for Halloween and we had dinner, wine, candy, scary movies and watched the trick o treaters come in packs to the door. It was a fun night.

What are you looking forward to next week: My husband re-enlisted while they are still in tax free territory. I'm waiting for that huge deposit to show up in our checking account :)

What made you happy this week: Talking to my husband and shopping for my upcoming trip!

What made you sad/mad this week: My professor. I never thought I'd meet someone so liberal that even I can't stand her. If you don't see things from her perspective then you are wrong. She makes me feel like a child and I've decided to just play along with her game and tell her everything she wants to hear. I'm tired of dealing with her.

What do you miss the most: I'd like to just go on a normal date again. Dinner and a movie. Or a nice date would be better...getting dressed up and going to a nice restaurant and splitting a bottle of wine. Soon....very soon.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Floyd managed to break his run again but he came back again....he got a bath and good boy treats for not making mommy sad.

Pictures from this week: Uneventful week...sorry!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 23

Emotional: I was fine until I watched Tuck Everlasting last night. I don't know why I pick movies that I know will make me cry. I think I need the emotional release every once in a while.

Physical: Started my dvd workout from hell again. I predict that I won't be able to walk in a few days from being so sore. Haven't been sick at all...which isn't unusual. I can't remember the last time I had a cold and I haven't have the flu since I was ten or so.

Communication: I love how I mention plans revolving around music and I get a response right away...hmm. He has New Year's off this year again so we're going to try to catch a concert. The only problem is the band he really wants to see plays in NYC, and the cheapest hotel room is 300/night. Soooo...we might take the commuter rail back to New Haven and stay there for the night. Or...we could go to Burlington to see another band we like. I'd prefer Burlington but I'm trying to give him a New Year's he wants since he gave me a low-key one last year. Decisions, decisions.

What's something fun you did this week: Um..nothing really. I did get to watch the Vampire Diaries on the night it actually airs because my professor canceled my class! Yay! Amanda, Sarah, and Heather are coming over tomorrow night to eat dinner/candy, watch scary movies, and hand out candy to the lil ones.

What are you looking forward to next week: November! This will be a happy month :)

What made you happy this week: Booking my plane tickets to go see my husband. No turning back now!

What made you sad/mad this week: Not necessarily mad, but confused at my husband's train of thought. We're going to see his family in CA and more family in WA in January during stand down. I had it all priced out and the flights are really cheap...$700 for both of us to fly to Oakland, Oakland to Seattle, and Seattle back here. He emailed me saying how he wants to visit his family in Antioch (do a bunch of stuff in San Fran), go visit his Grandma for two days a few hours north, then DRIVE the whole way to Tacoma, stopping overnight in Portland. All in 8-9 days. I laughed. There is no way we could spend enough time with people and do that. Plus renting a car and driving JANUARY...through the's not safe nor cost effective. I had to squash that idea. Maybe some other time when the weather is nicer.

What do you miss the most: I miss kissing. Real kissing. I told him I want to make out for an hour when I see him. :)

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Floyd has decided to start hiding/sleeping under the bed again. I thought we broke him of this habit a long time ago. I guess not. He growls at me when I try to move him.

Pictures from this week: Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 22

Emotional: Not bad... this week went by really quickly so I'm not sure I had time to evaluate my emotional state.

Physical: I've been walking the dog until my mole thing completely heals then it's back to Jillian Michaels' crazy workout

Communication: Finally got a few emails. Apparently there has been a problem with sailor mail. He's been very sweet and lovey-dovey with me. I think he misses home

What's something fun you did this week: I got together with Sarah and Amanda @ Amanda's house and we had dinner, chatted, and drank wine. It was nice to have a low-key girls' night

What are you looking forward to next week: Halloween!

What made you happy this week: Getting emails from my husband.

What made you sad/mad this week: Being stuck in the middle of drama that I didn't create, yet am damned if I do/damned if I don't. My husband really just needs to come home so I can be around some testosterone. My schedule for next semester is going to be a little weird as well...those jerks decided to start night classes later...thanks guys!

What do you miss the most: Everything

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Layla has been a pain and doesn't want to come in at night, causing me to go out and look for her. Floyd is Floyd.

Pictures from this week: Nada

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 21

Emotional: Eh...I've been better. I kind of feel like I don't want to do much other than hibernate and watch movies.

Physical: I was doing well but the mole I had removed on my back has made it hard to do exercise. You don't realize how much you move your back until you have a huge hole that is trying to scab over. Gross

Communication: Non-existent. It sucks.

What's something fun you did this week: My Aunt Karen came down to visit for a few days. I took her to the ocean, Mystic, and Mohegan Sun. It was nice to have some company for a little while.

What are you looking forward to next week: up more halloween decorations?

What made you happy this week: Playing with my new camera. It was an expensive purchase but it's really cool and I wanted a nice one for when we have kids.

What made you sad/mad this week: Well I had a mole removed and it was on my it's taking a while to I guess that made me mad? Oh...and the complete lack of communication

What do you miss the most: Right now I'd really like an email...just something saying hey, we're busy, but I still love you.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Floyd broke his run outside but managed to only go to the neighbor's and came right back when I called him! Yay! Layla had three ticks on her neck the other night...gross!

Pictures from this week: Taken with my new camera down at Harkness Park!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 20!!

Emotional: Doing better now that I've talked to my husband for a while while he was in port. I was mad at first (mostly because the boat pulled in early and he tried calling me while I was at the renn fair, even though I emailed him to say I was going to be gone for the day) but I felt better after we talked for a while and he, after some persuading, agreed that it would be good to come out and visit him. So now I have something to look forward to before homecoming :)

Physical: I've been trying to stay on target with WW and just started Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred to give me an added kick in the butt before I go see my husband

Communication: Good :) He had a hotel room so we were able to skype when he got done with work and right before he left for work. He was really good about trying to call me.

What's something fun you did this week: I went to a pizza place with Heather at the casino yesterday and had my makeup done at the bare essentials store. I found the perfect shade of pin-up red lipstick to wear when Jimmy comes home :)

What are you looking forward to next week: My aunt is coming for a few days, and I should be able to start my research study.

What made you happy this week: Talking to my husband...he makes me laugh :)

What made you sad/mad this week: Nothing really...I think my vertigo has been acting up lately. I've been feeling puky without throwing up...usually a sign of vertigo for me so I'll have to make sure I don't make any quick head movements for a while.

What do you miss the most: I know this might be tmi but I'm seriously concerned about having sex for the first time in over 6 yeah, i miss sex on a semi-regular basis.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: After a bunch of rain it's finally been nice enough to let Floyd out on his run. Layla ripped a mouse in half and started eating it in front of me. Under normal circumstances I would have stopped her but those evil things live in my shed and destroy stuff so I want them all dead :)

Pictures from this week: This is only the beginning of my halloween decor!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 19

Emotional: Well it started off ok then kind of went down the crapper by the end of the week. School is starting to stress me out as well as the ever changing boat schedule.

Physical: I have no idea. I had a really awesome stomach ache the entire ride home from MA yesterday

Communication: Email has been lacking. We didn't get to skype until last night because he had duty on Saturday and I had already made plans for yesterday. I refuse to cancel my plans because the boat pulls in early. Not my problem.

What's something fun you did this week: I went to Oktoberfest down at Ocean Beach. We got to sample all sorts of beer and judged a chowder contest. I also went to King Richard's Fair yesterday with Sarah. We rented costumes, watched a tournament, got my fortune told, and ate some food. It was pretty awesome.

What are you looking forward to next week: I think my aunt is coming down on Sunday to spend a few days here. I'm also looking forward to paying off Jimmy's car.

What made you happy this week: The fair...and The Vampire Diaries...that makes me happy every week.

What made you sad/mad this week: Boat schedule (x2), missing class because the rain was so bad I couldn't see while driving, poor communication, etc.

What do you miss the most: I don't know. I'm so used to being alone now.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Floyd and I attempted to have a heart to hear this weekend. Layla tore a chipmunk in half and left it out for sweet.

Pictures from this week: This was all I could upload

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 18

Emotional: Doing pretty well. I had an ok week at school and then got to see my family and friends this weekend.

Physical: Well I was doing fine until I went home. I now have this painful red rash on my face that doesn't feel like going away.

Communication: Well he apparently typed up an email and forgot to send it so I hadn't received one in a while...then I was gone all weekend so I haven't replied.

What's something fun you did this week: I went home! I got to see Victoria, Mike and baby Collin who has gotten so big! He's almost walking now and he laughs a lot. I also had lunch with my friend Eric and his new girlfriend. She seems perfect for him and I'm super happy he finally found someone.

What are you looking forward to next week: Hopefully going to a renaissance fair on Sunday...oh, and getting my hair cut...and October 1st is bonus time :) YAY money!

What made you happy this week: Seeing family and friends...and the lovely weather!

What made you sad/mad this week: Our mortgage is going up because taxes went up and our mortgage company apparently didn't cushion our escrow account enough. I don't understand any of it and I should probably call them.

What do you miss the most: Some help raking the damn leaves!

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Floyd is still at the kennel...I'm giving myself an extra night of quiet so I can get homework done. Layla was happy when I walked through the door.

Pictures from this week: Yep...none.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 17

Emotional: I've been feeling pretty zen thanks to my visit with Christine the acupuncturist on Tuesday. Not a whole lot has been bothering me (for once).

Physical: Good! I weighed myself the other day and I'm down another pound so as long as the scale keeps going in that direction, I'll be happy. I meet with my trainer again on Monday. She taught spin class this week and she's a lot tougher than the normal instructor. No pain, no gain, I suppose.

Communication: Good! We've been emailing and he's missing home/me apparently a lot more than last deployment. I try to keep his spirits up and tell him how September will be over before we know it and *hopefully* I'll be able to fly out to see him soon-ish.

What's something fun you did this week: Acupuncture! It's really pretty awesome and I'm going again next week. I also went apple picking with Heather (see below).

What are you looking forward to next week: Going home next weekend! I get to see my friends and hopefully some hot air balloons. I will also be the proud own of a $100 internet/cable/phone bill starting on Monday because I've decided to get rid of cable. Now that I have netflix and I can watch whatever I want on the Wii, I can't justify spending the extra money on channels that I don't watch.

What made you happy this week: Nothing in particular. I've just had a good week in general.

What made you sad/mad this week: Finding out that Jimmy's uncle died from cancer. He was only in his 50s and I was fortunate enough to meet him at our wedding. He was a very warm person. My heart hurts for my husband because he can't be with his family right now.

What do you miss the most: I'd settle for a hug right about now.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Floyd ate one of my puzzle pieces so I'm mad at him right now. Layla has been eating any houseflies that come inside :)

Pictures from this week: Apple picking at Holmberg's Orchard! We also did the wine tasting (yum).

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 16

~Happy 61st Birthday Dad!~

Emotional: Ehhh...I was spoiled talking to my husband almost every day for a couple of weeks. Now that he's back out to sea I miss it. BUT...fall is here...which means cold weather...which means he's coming home soon-ish :)

Physical: Well, according to my lab report I don't have diabetes and my cholesterol levels are stellar. I'm an apparent model of health. So yeah, I'm done with the doctors. I'm just going to keep sticking to what I'm doing and hope I keep losing instead of gaining. I'm thinking about trying acupuncture next.

Communication: We said our goodbyes earlier this week and I sent my first email out yesterday. Not sure what they're doing but I'm pretty sure they're busy.

What's something fun you did this week: I went to Chili's last night for happy hour with Heather and wandered through Border's. I picked up a book on the port I'm supposed to be visiting. Fingers crosses that the date/place doesn't change! Today we had a boat garage sale. I donated all of my leftover crap from the last garage sale I did. OH...and my mouse traps in the shed work! Killed my first mouse last night...HA!

What are you looking forward to next week: Getting my projects started for school...and t.v. shows coming back!

What made you happy this week: Getting my research study approved so quickly. I honestly am not the most creative/original to get this approved ahead of time is pretty awesome considering most of my classmates don't have a clue as to what they'd like to do.

What made you sad/mad this week: Saying goodbye to my husband. Traffic...I really effing hate traffic.

What do you miss the most: The feeling that you're married. I know this sounds awful, but my husband agrees that it's hard to feel like you're and "us" when you haven't been around the person in such a long time.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Enjoying the cooler temperatures!

Pictures from this week: I really need to find something to take a picture of.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 15

Emotional: Not bad. I got a really nice letter in the mail that Jimmy sent before he left last time he was in Bahrain. It was really sweet and romantic and totally out of nowhere :)

Physical: YAY...lost 3.6 pounds this past week! I don't know what I'm doing differently but something is finally working. I've cut my gym days from 4 to 2 and am keeping track of calories instead of points for my upcoming meeting with a dietician. So cross your fingers that this keeps going so I can look super sexy when I go visit Jimmy.

Communication: Skype, skype and more skype. It's really weird being able to talk to him this often. As long as this doesn't change homecoming or when I'm going out to see him (so far that isn't a problem) I'm a happy camper.

What's something fun you did this week: Halfway dinner was nice. Jimmy's video message to me was hilarious and his mustache was in full force. It was nice catching up with everyone. I also went back to school this week and I have a very busy semester ahead of me. I'm so grateful I don't have to work.

What are you looking forward to next week: Um...hmm...more skyping? I don't have much going on other than school. Oh, my parents are coming up for the night.

What made you happy this week: Seeing my friends from school. We're all a bunch of nerds and we get along well.

What made you sad/mad this week: I'm realizing that people cause me serious anxiety, so I'm learning to say "fuck it" and washing my hands of the whole thing. Oh, and Hurricane Earl was the lamest rainstorm I've ever dealt with. I was so excited for some crazy rain/winds. LAME.

What do you miss the most: Waking up to him curled up next to me. Normally, I hate this because I don't like being touched while I'm sleeping...but I'm at the point where I would welcome it.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Floyd got a shave and a bath so he doesn't smell like ass anymore. Layla needs to stop shedding everywhere.

Pictures from this week:'s been a boring week.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 14

Emotional: Pretty good...though I had a good cry when I watched a Navy wife on "What Not to Wear" get all made over and then greeted her husband on a pier after not seeing him for five months.

Physical: Not too bad. I took the 2 hour glucose test on base to see if I have diabetes. That sucked. It was like drinking kool-aid syrup. I also got some stuff to try to help with my breakouts. I got back to my doctor in a couple of weeks and I also meet with the dietician on base. On a good note I lost 2.5 lbs so maybe this is a sign things are going back to normal? I also took Heather to spin class and it was the first time I didn't want to die afterwards. Yay!

Communication: Well we said our goodbyes on Monday...and then I get a phone call last night from him because something broke so they're back in Bahrain til it gets fixed. I was able to skype with him for about an hour today. We're talking about how we can't wait til I can drag my behind out there to visit :)

What's something fun you did this week: I went with Heather and Sarah to the outlets to do a little shopping and then we drove back along Route 1 and had lunch at this cute little Thai place. We also went to a vintage clothing store and tried on crazy hats :)

What are you looking forward to next week: Halfway dinner is tomorrow night, which should be good., kind of. I'm excited to be busy but I know this semester is going to be tough so I need to sit down and organize when I'm doing what. I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE!

What made you happy this week: Hearing my husband laugh at our dog while he watches him on skype....and see picture below.

What made you sad/mad this week: I watched the movie Brothers and it's just really upsetting (war, ptsd, etc)

What do you miss the most: Watching him walk through the door when he comes home from work. No matter how crappy of a day he had he always plays with Floyd for a minute and gives me a kiss.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Sad because it rained for four days and they couldn't go out much. Floyd finally ventured outside today and I shaved him! Bath is next for both of them

Pictures from this week: I got this lovely bouquet from Jimmy yesterday. I told him I wanted flowers, so he sent them :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pics from Jimmy

So Jimmy sent me some pics over Skype today.

Justin doing laundry in the barracks...for free! Why? Because under the bad influence of my husband they pretended like they lived there so they wouldn't have to pay to wash their clothes.

Oh...hey look! My husband broke his toes again...cause he can't walk.

Custer's last stand....gross!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 13

Emotional: Better..we're still working on stuff but better. Everything else is fine.

Physical: I was busy with ombudsman training (no, I have no plans on being the next ombudsman, but will step up if no one else will do it) so the gym was put on the back burner. Had my follow up appointment at the doctor's and there is nothing wrong from a thyroid, hormonal standpoint. I suppose I should be happy but I still don't know what's going on. So she's sending me to meet with the nutritionist on base and I'm going to get my cholesterol tested and will be tested for diabetes on Monday. Fun.

Communication: Good! We got to skype...well ghetto skype yesterday when he pulled into Bahrain. He used one of the computers on base and the mic wasn't working well so I could hardly hear him. I plan on doing some more skyping tomorrow.

What's something fun you did this week: The lobster bake at the winery was a good time and while ombudsman training wasn't really fun, I got a lot of information.

What are you looking forward to next week: Hmmm...more skyping? I don't have anything planned for the week and it's my last week before school starts so I'm going to try to enjoy myself.

What made you happy this week: Seeing my husband's face :)

What made you sad/mad this week: My test results from the doctor and my older brother and his lifetime of baggage.

What do you miss the most: Talking face to face...literally...not on skype.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Good! I thought Layla got sprayed by a skunk but thank god that wasn't the case. Floyd is doing well..he needs a bath and haircut though.

Pictures from this week: Pics of Heather, Sarah and I at the lobster bake on Sunday. My first time getting lobster (was ok, but messy!)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 12

Emotional: End one fight and start another. Seriously...deployment can end now so I can have a proper argument...and so I can smack him in person. Everything else emotionally is going fine.

Physical: Gym, gym and more gym. I have my follow up appointment with my doctor on Thursday. Hopefully she'll tell me something.

Communication: Well he got mad and decided to not email me for a week. I can play that game too.

What's something fun you did this week: Hmmm...I didn't do much. I think have dinner at Heather's was the highlight of my week. We had fan yapping and planning a port call visit.

What are you looking forward to next week: Lobster Bake at a winery on Sunday, my doctor's appointment, and ombudsman training (doing that for shits and giggles...thought I might learn a thing or two)

What made you happy this week: Getting my driveway was long overdue and now I don't have weeds growing in it and I can use a snowblower instead of shoveling in the winter!

What made you sad/mad this week: The husband

What do you miss the most: Nothing, I'm too pissed...ask me in a week.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Happy that the weather is cooling down which means they can stay outside longer. Floyd is happy I cut the mats of hair out of his ears.

Pictures from this week: Finally got the driveway paved!!! The other two are of myself and my parents at Skipper's Dock restaurant in Stonington.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Picture Post!

Ugh...for some reason uploading pics to blogger on my computer does not work well. So they're kind of askew and out of order.

Alexis and I on the ski lift at Lake Compounce

Alexis in front of the entrance to Lake Compounce

What happens when you don't hide your food at the beach

The umbrella I bought...I like!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 11

Emotional: Ehh...could be better

Physical: I only went to Zumba on Monday and skipped the gym the rest of the week because I had Alexis with me. I paid for it today when I went back to the gym, ow!

Communication: Email fighting...good times. What would normally take a few hours or so to discuss turns into days/weeks when he's not here.

What's something fun you did this week: Alexis and I went to an amusement park called Lake Compounce and we had a great time! The waterpark was pretty awesome and they had a roller coaster that is built into the mountain so you can't see it. We also went to the Drive In, which I had not done in years. I love getting two movies for the price of one!

What are you looking forward to next week: Not having a class to worry about and just doing whatever I want for the next three weeks

What made you happy this week: Spending time discussing boat stuff with some Alex ladies last night. We're trying to come up with ideas for everyone to do and we filled up about two months worth o stuff.

What made you sad/mad this week: Realizing that tweens don't have manners. While I had a good time with Alexis she has a bit of an attitude and her manners are rather atrocious. Good thing she's not my kid.

What do you miss the most: Nothing cause I'm pissed at him right now. Oh, wait, I miss his face so I can smack it. :)

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Having a better week with Floyd. I looked into dog training classes but they're when I have school so that's a no go for now. Layla is Layla.

Pictures from this week: None cause this stupid thing won't upload them...grrr.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 10!

Emotional: Hmmm..Ok I think. Besides the dog driving me up the wall.

Physical: Still exercising like a fiend...still only lost .8. It's taken me 5 weeks to lose 4 lbs. I went Monday and the doctor took 6 vials of my blood to test me for a whole bunch of stuff though she thinks something is wrong with my thyroid. We'll see what's up when I go for my follow up appointment.

Communication: Still not so awesome...I get one every four days or so. I decided to put myself on his schedule because I get tired of emailing all the time without getting one.

What's something fun you did this week: I'm trying to remember what I did last week. I went on the Essex steam train Friday night with Heather and Sarah. We had dinner and watched a murder mystery unfold. The murderer decided to sit with us for most of the train ride to my dismay because she was in character and talked like a valley girl the whole time. I wanted to punch her by the end of the night.

What are you looking forward to next week: I have my cousin's 12 year old daughter with me until Thursday. We went to the beach today and are going to the amusement park tomorrow. I'm ready to ride some fast rides.

What made you happy this week: Seeing my family for my mom's birthday in NH

What made you sad/mad this week: Seeing my family in NH. SO MUCH FUCKING DRAMA. Ugh, I ended up giving my 17 year old cousin a ride home 40 minutes away because her dad was yelling at her in front of everyone, which in turn lead to a fight between my mother and I (she doesn't realize when she's yelling at people and she started in on Brittany, I told her to tone it down, she told me to shut the fuck up, then I shoved her out of my face...apparently people think that swearing at me is a good and effective form of communication, funnily enough my parents were the ones who taught me not to do that, i think she had a few too many)

What do you miss the most: My husband...because when I'm angry with my mother I have no one to talk to about that since she's usually the person I talk to. I suppose I could chat with my dad but I really don't want to drag him into it.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: I almost left Floyd on the side of the road when he shit in the car on the way to the kennel. I emailed Jimmy and told him he will be taking Floyd to obedience school right when he gets home.

Pictures from this week: Here is a pic from the dinner train...the crazy chick with the side pony is the murderer

Friday, July 23, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 9

Emotional: Better than last week. I'm channeling anger and frustration into exercising so I've been cool as a cucumber for the most part.

Physical: Holy crap I've never exercised so much in my life! I met with a trainer last week and have been working out 4-5 times a week. I tried two classes on base: Zumba Tone and Spinning. The zumba was a lot of fun but very difficult considering the gym had a broken a/c. I tried spinning after I'd already worked out with my trainer because she teaches it...I wanted to die. It's hard. Phew...will probably try it again next week.

Communication: Kind of crappy. I only got one email this week and it was all about Floyd. Great.

What's something fun you did this week: I had dinner at Heather's with her and her parents. She made this awesome quinoa and veggie salad and eggplant wrap thing which was super good. Last night Heather, Amanda, Tonya and I went to the aquarium for Cocktails with the Whales. Good food, drinks, and people!

What are you looking forward to next week: Hopefully one of my friends is coming from NY to visit for a couple of days. I'm also going with Sam to get pedicures at her mom's salon. Oh, and the murder mystery dinner train ride on Friday!

What made you happy this week: Hmm...Oh, rain!!! It's been so nice to have some rain.

What made you sad/mad this week: The scale is refusing to budge despite my best efforts. I'm telling my doc on Monday to start drawing blood and test me for whatever she thinks could be wrong.

What do you miss the most: Sex. that point now.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Floyd is a pain in my ass. I took him to the dog park yesterday and he found a mud lake behind a bunch of stuff and wouldn't get out of it. I had to clean the car, him, and myself when we got home. I'm pretty sure Floyd will be our one and only dog.

Pictures from this week: Here are two pics from Cocktails with the Whales at the aquarium last night. Those are belugatinis we were drinking :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 8

Emotional: Hmmm...well I was doing pretty well til the schedule changed. So now I've decided to just pretend that it didn't as best as I can. We also found out that Jimmy's uncle has cancer so more bad news and I feel awful for my husband because he can't call his aunt/uncle for a while. Life events and the Navy never seem to work hand in hand.

Physical: Pretty good! I went to the doctor about my eye and found out it was a sty so no big deal. I met with a personal trainer on base and so I'll be doing more exercising, and I lost another 1.5. Slow and steady.

Communication: As best as it can be right now. I'm grateful that I'm still getting emails because you never know when they go on mission and stop transmitting. I'll take all I can get right now

What's something fun you did this week: I spent all day Wednesday in Providence shopping with Heather. I found this awesome skin/hair/beauty store called Lush and I got to go to Sephora which is always a treat. I went to see movie I've seen in years. Yesterday I went with Joe, Sam, Josh, Savannah, and Joe's Mom to Stonington Vineyards for a wine/food festival. I had a great time drinking and laughing with good friends.

What are you looking forward to next week: Getting my hair cut, cocktails with the whales at the aquarium, and going to a small get together.

What made you happy this week: Getting an A in psychology and a B+ in my arthurian lit. classes that I took last month. Glad all the hard work paid off.

What made you sad/mad this week: Probably schedule changes. Lame. Totally lame.

What do you miss the most: Doing all this fun stuff without my husband. I know he would have really enjoyed the wine festival yesterday.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Both obnoxious and shedding

Pictures from this week: Here are two from the festival yesterday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 7

Emotional: Pretty good. Saying goodbye to Jimmy via skype kind of blew...but, what can you do? My brain hurt after writing all of my papers last weekend..but those are over and my online class is starting and it looks to be a cake walk.

Physical: I was doing ok. I only lost a pound but at least it is something. I plan on going to the gym this week since i have oodles of free time but that is after I pay a trip to the doc tomorrow. I woke up with my left eye swollen and it hurts like a mofo. So it's either pink eye or some problem with my tear duct...sweet!

Communication: Not that great since he went back out to sea. I got my first email from him today and I'm sure I won't get many more cause they'll be busy doing secret submarine crap.

What's something fun you did this week: I went to the fireworks at Sailfest with Heather last night. Probably the best display I have ever seen. We had a good time people watching.

What are you looking forward to next week: NOT driving to New Britain. Other than that..I am free to do whatever. I think i might try to meet with a personal trainer on base or try one of the exercise classes.

What made you happy this week: Buying new flowers and seeing that I FINALLY have a baby tomato growing. It really doesn't take much to make me happy.

What made you sad/mad this week: husband trying to skype me after he had a few. I refuse to talk to him when he's drunk. So, he set his alarm for 4am and called me when he got sober. Oh, and not being able to get into the doctor's today because it's Sunday and the clinic isn't open. And crying while watching Bethenny Getting Married...I'm a loser who misses her husband.

What do you miss the most: Having some help around here! Seriously..pulling weeds is a two person job!

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Layla has been refusing to come in at night so she has slept outside last night because I refused to chase after her..HA! I just bought Floyd a spill proof water bowl...I'm sick of cleaning up after his splash-a-thons

Pictures from this week: None cause my internet connection is a piece of crap...grr

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I'm skyping with the husband last night and we get on the subject of hookers since there are plenty of them in Bahrain. Mostly, I ask if he's seen "me-love-you-long-time" since being back there (my nickname for this hooker who kept staring him up and down when we were at a club in Bahrain during last deployment). He laughs and says no. Last night I asked if any of the single guys were living it up and getting hookers. He said he only heard of a few guys who got hookers. I reply with, "they're single right?" to which he says, uhhh no, one guy has someone. SERIOUSLY??? This just makes me so mad and of course he wouldn't tell me who it is (tho I doubt it's anyone I'm friends with) because he knows I would do something about it. This whole stupid not spilling the beans crap they have doesn't work anyway. People always find out. It just really upsets me that some poor girl is sitting here writing love letters and taking care of the home while her husband/significant other is DELIBERATELY spending money for sex. It's not like it was an unplanned, drunken's intentional!! I swear the Navy brings out the worst in a lot of these guys..and some of the women too. Stuff like that just really makes me sick and wish he had a normal civilian job and wasn't involved with these people or situations.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 6

Emotional: Not the best week, between school finishing (I'm still writing papers) and some external situations, but I have a awesome friends and family that drag me away from life, even for a moment.

Physical: Better...I started going to WW meetings this week and was welcomed into a room of mostly Grandmas who were pretty freakin hilarious and very supportive. I'm quickly finding that I don't think i was getting enough calories..but we will see when I weigh in next week. If I haven't lost anything, then I plan on getting a plethora of blood tests when I go to the doctors in a few weeks

Communication: Jimmy has been pretty consistent with the skyping, but the internet connection throughout Bahrain is pretty crappy. It makes his face all pixelated. That and we are on our 3rd pair of headphones/mic that aren't working with his laptop. Hopefully he will fiddle with them some more because talking to him in a bar is kind of difficult when I can hear everything in the background

What's something fun you did this week: I went to Block Island yesterday with Heather and it was exactly what I needed. We took the ferry over, drank a bit, rode mopeds, and ate good food! I have no idea why I haven't gone here sooner! Heather is great to remind me to get out and do stuff besides homework.

What are you looking forward to next week: Hmmm...I would say starting my new class but I'm still burnt out from these two. So, I am looking forward to handing in my psych paper tomorrow!

What made you happy this week: Fun in the sun!

What made you sad/mad this week: A whole mess of stuff that i don't have the energy/nor privacy settings to get into.

What do you miss the most: Living a normal of deployments.

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Good! Hanging outside as usual.

Pictures from this week:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 5

Emotional: Effing done with it all. Last week of these two classes that I'm taking and I have no desire to do any more work. I finally cleaned my house this week. I feel like all I do is get no sleep, go to class, and then do homework for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Rinse and repeat.

Physical: I've been so pissed that I haven't lost any weight that I have no desire to exercise. I'm trying to make an appointment with my new doctor on base but I can't do that until next week because that's when I "officially" switch from standard to prime. Between the not losing weight and my hair being in a constant state of greasiness...I want some blood work done.

Communication: Not much. I get one maybe two emails per week....and I refuse to email him until he emails me back. I don't like talking to myself. His life is boring, mine is boring, makes for boring emails.

What's something fun you did this week: Heather and I went to a free movie at a park in downtown New London! They had a screen all set up and chairs and everything! We watched "Bringing up Baby" with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. It was a lot of fun and nice to get out of the house.

What are you looking forward to next week: These stupid classes to end!! That's about it. OH, Eclipse comes out on the 30th! I'm very much looking forward to that.

What made you happy this week: Honestly, nothing really. I've been miserable. Oh, arguing with my professor over the possible dangers of over vaccinating young children. I'm the only one who stood up to him :)

What made you sad/mad this week: See above. It pisses me off that people can't think for themselves and just take whatever anyone says as the word of God.

What do you miss this week: I could really use a good curl up on the couch and watch a movie with Jimmy night.

How's Floyd/Layla this week: Enjoying the weather! Layla has had some run ins with another neighborhood cat who keeps coming over to our yard. Layla snarls and chases the other cat away :) It makes me nervous though...I don't want anyone getting hurt!

Pictures from this week:

Ceiling fans!!! Woohoo!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 4

Emotional: Not too is starting to become annoying...but I only have two weeks left! I also got lots of "I love yous" from the husband while he was in port

Physical: Ahh...non existent this past week! I had so much homework and then I went to NY for an extended Father's Day weekend. Plan on getting back at it this week

Communication: Good! Got to skype some more and have had a couple of emails since. We even had a beer together while and skype :)

What's something fun you did this week: I went home! Got to see my parents and went out to dinner with them and my brother. It's nice to go home every once in a while. I also got to spend the afternoon/evening with my Katie. We swam at her pool and went out for sushi. I hadn't seen her since my wedding. I miss being near my friends.

What are you looking forward to next week: Nothing in particular...just getting back into the swing of things after my weekend home. I'm realizing that I'm very much a homebody and don't like to be away from here unless I'm with Jimmy.

What made you happy this week: Talking to the husband and seeing all of my extended family at a bbq. Everyone is getting older and having's crazy!

What made you sad this week: Not losing a single pound after almost a month on the whole vegan thing and exercising.'s really upsetting. I'm probably going to make an appointment with my doctor.

What do you miss the most: When something funny happens and he's not here. I just want to tell him and
I have to settle for email...not the same.
How's Floyd and Layla this week: They both missed me! Being away from Mommy for 4 days is rough...especially for Layla...she's super clingy.

Pictures from this week: Nada...will try harder next time

Friday, June 11, 2010

Deployment Recap- Week 3

Emotional: A bit of the ole up and downs. I think that was due to mostly lack of sleep.

Physical: I finally broke out of the nap in the afternoon/only 5 hours of sleep a night routine. It was killing me. I was so bogged down with work this week that I didn't get to exercise as much....BUT...I exercised twice today and ran a mile without feeling like I was going to that's a plus!

Communication: Well, after having problems with skype..Jimmy finally got ahold of me today. My initial anger kind of faded once I saw his goofy grin. We only skyped once last deployment so having it readily available this time around makes things easier/harder at the same time. It's so nice to see his face and the funny faces he makes, but at the same time it hurts too. I think I cope by the whole out of sight out of mind thing. Email is so not personal that it doesn't phase me too much, but seeing his face and hearing his voice reminds me that he's very far away from me and that I miss him a lot more than I pretend not to.

What's something fun you did this week: Heather and I went on a quest for good food. We went to this store called Stew Leonard's that has animatron puppets swinging from the ceiling (seriously, it looked like It's a Small World in there) and the aisles were like a maze...kind of like herding cows. It's quite the grocery experience and I plan on going back a few more times this deployment. We also went to Whole Foods (my fav) and spent a small fortune on stuff from there. They have a ton of vegan food there so it makes it easier for me to shop.

What are you looking forward to next week: Ceiling fans are getting installed on Tuesday! Oh, and I'm going home for Father's day weekend!

What made you happy this week: Talking to my husband and, sadly enough, watching the MTV Movie Awards. I found it to be quite funny, though I don't approve of the excessive swearing.

What made you sad this week: Finding out that I wasn't pregnant when my period was 3 days late. We were really hoping to get pregnant before deployment and have been trying for a little while. I was hoping it would happen sooner rather than later. Guess we'll have to wait til he comes home.

What do you miss the most: When we're randomly walking or sitting together and he drops a kiss on the part where my shoulder and neck meet. I like that

How's Floyd and Layla this week: Layla is a little miffed that I'm no longer allowing her to sleep on the bed. I put on the lighter duvet cover and realized just how much she sheds. It's gross. Floyd was happy he got to hear Daddy's voice today!

Pictures from this week: Since I can't figure out how to take a picture on skype (there is no button for mac users) I took a pic of the whole screen lol