Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peace out Sailor

So I guess it's safe to say that the boys have gone underway again. This past week has been absolutely miserable for Jimmy. He stayed at work on Monday til 5:00 am on Tuesday, came home and I dropped him off at work at 9:00am, he had duty that day, was supposed to leave on Wednesday but something broke, I get a call at 10:00pm to come and get him because the higher ups finally decided to let the boys leave, then I dropped him off at 7:30 this morning and they finally left. Why did he have to be there you ask? Not entirely sure since when he would call me he'd usually say that he was doing nothing but still had to stay. This makes both of us livid. I am fine that he has to go on underways and on 6 month deployments. I understand it. What I don't understand is why they insist on keeping the men til all hours in the night when they are home in port. For Christ's sake, they work their asses off and are away from their families ALL THE TIME. Let them come home and spend time with the people they love once in a while. Fucking ridiculous...
In true "day of Jimmy leaving" fashion....something bad happens. This time, as I'm getting ready to spread the last of the mulch down, my screen door falls off and pulls most of the door frame with it. Fantastic. After crying and kicking things for a minute I call my dad and he tells me what to do. I go to Home Depot (I swear, I am there at minimum 3 times a week) and get some deck screws. I manage to screw the frame in, and put that big ass door back on, all by myself. So screw you screen door!! 
Other than that I am planning on getting as much stuff unpacked, put together, painted, etc around the house before Jimmy gets back. My parents are coming up next weekend so I have to set up the guest room. I'm also having a Lia Sophia (jewelry) party next Saturday night at 6 if anyone would like to come :) So far it's just me and my mom.
To my fellow Alex ladies, hang in there, and damn the man, not your husband.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So I know I'm lazy and I apologize for not updating more often, but I've been busy. The past couple of weeks have consisted of unpacking and doing yard work. I have found that I enjoy being outside and digging up dirt. The previous owners of our house loved plants and even had a garden area set off in the back. It took me two days but I cleared it and started planting. So far I only have lettuce and carrots but plan to add more lettuce and some zucchini. I have also planted rosemary, lavender, basil, chives and parsley along the back row. I have pansies around my mailbox and marigolds around my garden. The weather this past weekend has been fantastic! I went up to NY for my friends Meaghan and Rich's wedding. I've known Rich since I was 12 and Meaghan since I was 15. It's so nice when two of your closest friends marry each other. It took them 6 years to actually get together and I was very honored to be part of their special day. We had so much fun at the wedding and I woke up with a HORRIBLE hangover yesterday...just in time to meet with my florist and priest!! YAY! I got all of our flowers picked out and am currently picking out readings for our wedding. Our priest, though 80 years old, is very personable and down to earth. I started mailing out our save the dates and am finding that trying to get addresses out of a man is near impossible (Karyn, I'll be emailing you soon). All in all it's been a nice couple of weeks and we're getting ready for Jimmy to be leaving again soon. It feels like he got back yesterday and I'm not ready to be without him yet :(

Pics from top left to bottom:
1. Jimmy trying to figure out why our brand new lawnmower doesn't want to work anymore...after over an hour of trying we took it back and got one that does work!
2. My vegetable and herb garden
3. Jimmy and I at the wedding...towards the end....I am very intoxicated...note the dumb smile
4. Meaghan and Rich exchanging vows!
5. Me, Kaela, and Tiffany celebrating in the limo :)

Monday, April 6, 2009


So I have a really good reason for not updating my blog recently. We closed on our house on the 27th and it's been hectic ever since. We've managed to move almost everything out of our apartment and we spent our first night here on Friday. Things that have needed or still need to be fixed: hot water heater (gas fumes weren't being vented outside..check), dishwasher (doesn't drain, we have a home warranty thank god...will be done this week), microwave above range (turns on but doesn't heat anything...we decided to replace it since we plan on replacing all the appliances eventually...til then we will use the one we own), upstairs toilet (I've plunged the shit out of that thing and it still drains slowly...we tried some uber draino in the sink to maybe clear the pipe that they share, if that doesn't work, Jimmy is going to learn how to remove a toilet!!), and the entryway light fixture (worked the day we moved in, then a bulb blew, I replaced them all, still  not working). I think that's it for now...oh the joys of being a homeowner!  It doesn't help that Jimmy hasn't been getting done with work til 5:30 most nights, which leaves me to do all of the work. I don't mind doing it but we have a fairly big house and it's hard doing everything by yourself (save for moving the big stuff, thanks to everyone who helped out and/or let us borrow stuff!). 
On a crazier note I spent my birthday night frantically trying to find my dog. Floyd got away from me when I was bringing him and Layla down for their first night here. It was torrentially downpouring rain all night and I couldn't find him anywhere.I had to call Jimmy at work to get him to come home and we combed the entire neighborhood. We went back to the apartment to see if anyone had found him and left a message. Of course this point I'm thinking we will never find him, or he'll be dead on the side of the road. Driving back to the house Jimmy spots Floyd in someone's yard on one of the main roads. We got him, filthy, cold, and wet, and probably scared out of his mind. I sobbed hysterically from relief and immediately made Jimmy take a shower with him. So my babies are safe and sound, and are still trying to get used to their new surroundings. Jimmy and I are realizing how involved it is to be a homeowner and how much money we will be spending. We spent a small fortune on furniture and stuff at home depot yesterday. We now are the proud owners of a lawnmower! I'm hoping to finish painting over the ugly gold color in the living room soon, and unpacking our lives. Alas I am housebound today since someone took the key to my car on accident. I wonder how long it's going to take until we have some semblance of normalcy here?