Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 weeks to go!

I'm 30 weeks along and am very much ready to meet my son! We've been very busy the past couple of months getting everything prepared and ready for the baby's arrival. We spent the better part of an entire weekend turning the office into a nursery. We mudded cracks in walls, painted, put in new baseboards, put in new heating baseboards, made a windowsill, made bookshelves and bought a new curtain rod. Basically, this kid has the nicest looking room in the entire house! We are very fortunate that our family purchased the furniture that we plan on keeping until the kid moves out of the house.
I had a wonderful baby shower in upstate NY at my friend Victoria's house. Victoria, Meaghan and my mother worked very hard to give me the perfect low-key shower. There was lots of great food and company and the baby got some pretty cool stuff. We feel very blessed to know that there are so many people who love and care for him already.
Now that I have about 10-ish weeks left, I'm starting to develop some aches and pains. I have this one spot on my mid back that is killing me every time I sit. Since the baby is squashing my stomach, I'm experiencing some rather painful heartburn. It wakes me up sometimes at night and I have to sit up for a while to get the acid out of my throat. I've been chomping on papaya enzymes and started going to a chiropractor. I'm hoping to find some relief, but don't think I'll get much until he comes out.
Jimmy is gone for a while, but will hopefully be able to be here for the birth. As with everything related to the Navy, I won't hold my breath. I have a doula and my mother will be coming down for support. I've formulated my birth plan and am confident in my ability to have the birthing experience that I want. We toured the birthing center again and I feel better knowing that they are fully on board with natural childbirth and I have the right to refuse anything that I'm not comfortable with.
So now we just wait. In the meantime I've been trying to keep busy by substituting, job hunting for next school year and studying for my Master's exam in April. Here's to hoping the next couple of months fly by...I'm ready to be a Mommy already!