Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh Lordy, Lordy

So...I went out last night to celebrate my co-worker, Bethany's, 26th birthday. She's single, wants a guy, so we went on a manhunt last night! We came across a real bar! I thought they didn't exist in CT! Four pool tables, outside deck, big bar, dj and dance floor...and...a mechanical bull. Now I've never had the joy of finding a bar with such a wonder inside. Needless to say....sober Stephanie got on the bull....wrapped my legs around it...leaned back...and held on FOREVER. One of the guys we were talking to told me that I looked really good up there. Ha...poor guy. So I play wingman...because I'm a good friend and don't believe that you stop hanging out with single friends once you're taken. It's not fair to them...and I've been in that boat many times. So I very carefully talk with guys, but don't let them touch me. I talk up my friend..and by the end of the night...I ended up with 2 phone numbers...and she didn't have any. As we were pulling away from the bar...I stopped the car...and made her get out and give the guy she thought was cute her number. When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain...might as well take a risk. Then we went back to her place and sat in the hot tub....oh thank you jesus for that. When Jimmy and I build our house...I'm demanding a hot tub :) So happy birthday to Bethany...and kudos to me for still having it ;)
Waiting for the fun to start

There I go!
I finally gave up

Monday, September 15, 2008


Just something quick....Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on freakin hilarious!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

On a sidenote...

So I just got an email from Jimmy. I'm honestly surprised that we are even getting emails since they're on mission. This was a long one and full of him making fun of me...mainly my taste in movies (I like weird movies....and he stole them all that brat!). The best when he reference the future. We've only recently been discussing future plans so it means the world to me when he mentions it.
"I've listened to "The Honest Hour" from AOD, and I can't get get the line "...sipping beer on an aging porch..." out of my head. It seems like the place where you and I want to be in 30 years."

Cue the tears...
I love him.

Someone please explain this to me...

So I've been needing a new pair of kick around shorts to wear since my gap ones are completely dead. I'm doing my grocery shopping in Wal*Mart and I look over and find exercise shorts for 5 bucks. Great deal! I'm now wearing my shorts and pondering to myself...why are shorts super short these days? Seriously...all I want is for them to go mid-thigh...but no. They barely go past my ass. Now...I bought a large..because let's face it...I'm nowhere near small. Wouldn't you think that someone who buys that size should have a little more fabric? My thighs are my least favorite body part...they aren't cute and slim... I'm going to start making my own damn clothes!
On a good note Samantha and I went bar hopping in Mystic last night to celebrate the sorta 1/3 way through deployment! We had amazing pizza...great wine, pumpkin beer...and dessert! She had tiramisu and I had a fruit tart. And of course one must have dessert drinks with dessert. So I had a milky way martini and she had an espresso martini. Then one wasn't enough so we had a pomegranatini and a pear martini. Oh gosh sooooo good! We had a great time laughing and talking about our men. So cheers to 1/3 way...I'm sure we'll celebrate 3/8 or some other random fraction...any excuse to drink and have fun!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everyone else is doing it...

So since everyone else is blogging about the upcoming election I figured I'd throw my two cents in. First, a little background. I originally was going to double major in french and political science but dropped poly sci to a minor. I tend to base my opinions off of my knowledge from school...I took a lot of foreign politics/policy classes and history classes on ethnic conflict. I don't really like to watch the news because it's all sorts of biased one way or the other (except for the BBC...after living in another country I've realized that our country's idea of journalism is horrendous). I was really, really into politics. I stayed up til two in the morning during the 2004 election and balled my eyes out when Bush was re-elected. I got to see firsthand how political races are run and what goes into making a politician (I was my Congresswoman's nanny). All of this....and I very well may abstain from voting this year. So here's my opinion...I'm not sugarcoating it.

I now live a military life. I support the military...I don't support the war. I never did, I never will. You cannot honestly tell me that "Operation Iraqi Freedom" was to free the Iraqi people. That is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. If we're so keen on saving oppressed people...there are plenty of ethnic groups around the world that are being exterminated that could use our help. I understand why we had the first Persian Gulf War. Iraq invaded Kuwait and that is unacceptable. It is also unacceptable for us to strike pre-emptively. Very simply don't hurt someone unless they hurt you first. All that I've ever been able to akin this to is Hitler's invasion of Austria and Czechoslovakia. I am glad that the Iraqi government wants us out and gave us a deadline. I think we need to let them have some more power and to start (slowly) withdrawing our troops. As far as the WMD reason for invading Iraq....well we saw how well that went. I think those issues should be left up to the UN. WE ARE NOT THE WORLD POLICE.

Another note on the military...and I'm sure people will be shocked to hear this. I do not care if Jimmy gets another raise like he does every year. It's nice that they want to give the military more money...but he gets paid enough. There are more pressing issues that that money can be used healthcare. Yes, I want universal health care. I've always wanted it and as a person living without health insurance right now....I completely understand. Tricare's ways of "no paying" is not the life of the average American. Case in point, I am debating accepting my company's health insurance because it's expensive and I don't make enough money to begin with...I really need that extra money to pay down debt, buy groceries, etc. Then there are people who work and don't get the choice for benefits because many businesses can't afford to buy policies. So yes...I think the government should take on healthcare and reform it. If it means they foot some of the be it.

I could keep going on things like education, foreign policy, the demise of the middle class, etc. But I'd love to talk about my favorite! Here we go: ABSTINENCE EDUCATION IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS, CONFOUNDED, BULLSHIT THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! I am horrified that our current administration only gives federal funding for abstinence only programs. In this day in age abstinence is no longer being practiced by the majority of unmarried people. We need to wake up and realize that kids are having sex...and unless you keep them under lock and key...they're going to do it. So we might as well curb the teen pregnancy and std stats by providing them with information on condoms and birth control. I can't tell you how infuriated this topic makes me. I am set with the crazy Christians running this country (note how I said crazy...meaning the fundamentalist ones who believe this shit and think they need to stuff their notions in our schools)

I've saved the best for last. I am pro-choice. I could never personally get an abortion unless I was raped. Now, as a person who has gone through sexual abuse, do you honestly want to tell me that I should endure 9 months of growing that bastard's child inside of me? Victims of want them to endure that as well? Of course they can give it up for adoption...but for christ's sake...they didn't get pregnant by mistake. I refuse, REFUSE, to let anyone tell me what I can and cannot do to my body. I do NOT want another leader that wants to take away my right to an abortion (yes I know John McCain is pro-choice and kudos to him for staying with that even though his party is usually pro-life...but his vp is that kind of ruined things for me). Do not call me un-Christian, God hates me, or anything like that for my beliefs....p.s. I think gays should marry too.

So who am I voting for? be honest I wanted Hillary to win the there went my candidate of choice. I think McCain is a wonderful man and an inspiration. His choice of a female vp was super smart. He is appealing to the group of women that want a woman in office no matter what, and no matter what party. I don't agree with most of his ideas or principles...nor that of his party's....because let's face it...he has a whole administration that will be behind them..and god knows who he will choose. If I am going to vote I will be voting for Obama/Biden. I very well may abstain from voting since our votes really don't count in the presidential election (I always vote in local elections). So time will tell.

And who will Jimmy be voting for? Probably no one...he doesn't vote. He leans to the right but doesn't know enough, nor cares to, about politics. I bet you thought we'd be voting for the same people. Let me make myself clear on how I feel about this. You are your own person. You should not let your husband, boyfriend, mom, dad, sibling, friend's voting style to affect yours. I can't tell you how upset I get when I find out that someone is voting for a candidate because such-and-such said they would be good. Please, I beg of you, inform yourself. Have your own opinions. Make your own decision.

I will leave on this final note. Drilling for more oil is only putting a band-aid on a gushing wound. It will work for a little while but oil is a NON-RENEWABLE energy source. It will run out. We need to invest our money in alternative forms of energy.
And global warming is a real problem. Let's each do our part to help slow it down.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mother F*cker

So I was having a decent week back...until today. Everyone knows that my job is not something that I'm particularly happy with...but I do it...because I'll be bored if I don't and Jimmy would kill me..and I don't like being unemployed. I accepted the job because Jimmy was leaving on deployment in a week and I didn't want him to have to pay my bills. So I took the low-paying job with high hopes of moving up quickly and getting health insurance again. Since I've been there it's been nothing but problems. Their philosophies are completely ridiculous and stupid. I can't put my 1 year olds in a high chair because it's "too restricting". I can't discipline the time out...we use redirection! The parents are allowed to walk all over the staff (case in point, we currently have a mother who has spread complete lies about me to my supervisors...thankfully they don't believe her...but one told her that she needs to stop causing problems or they will kick her daughter out). I've dealt with 7 screaming babies at one time...and no one being able to sleep because the cribs are in the same room as the play room. I've taken this all in stride...until today.
One of my co-workers has another job and works a few nights a week because we get paid crap (I get 11.25/hour...she gets 9.50). We noticed that the mid-shift didn't have to stay til 5:30 because we drop to 3 kids by we change the midshift. It's been working great. My supervisor decides today that she wants to change it back...and is giving us reasons that do not make sense. On top of that...she wants or late shift back to 10:30-7. Now please explain to me why, when our last child leaves at 6:20...and it takes 10 mins to close up...she wants us to stay to 7? Because on the slight off-chance that Vivian stays 10 mins later...she doesn't want to pay us overtime. And when we told her we'd lose a 1/2 hour if we left on time...she said we could find something to do until 7. WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO STAY AT WORK TIL 7 WHEN THEY CAN GO HOME???!!!??? So for the first time in my life...I spoke up for myself. I don't think she liked it...but I refused to sit there and have her talk to us like children...refusing to listen to us...and making a snap decision. So...I'm going to talk to her supervisor when I get a moment and explain that I have no problem working later if there are kids that actually stay later, but since they don't, I don't see a need to stay! I am so fed up and am going to try to find another job so I can throw my two week notice in her face. Does anyone know anywhere I can work that pays decently? I don't even care about benefits at this point.
It gets better. I come home and talk with my neighbor who informs me that our landlord is going to start charging for heat. Now we pay enough to live in this apartment, that if we weren't so pressed for time we would never be here, and the heat is included in this. That was a perk for paying a slightly higher rent. So I'm sitting here going....fuck me. Jimmy has sent him checks through february and I can't move because I can't start another lease somewhere because I don't have a we're stuck. All I wanted to do was save our money during deployment and I just keep running into problems left and right.
The icing on the computer has a virus and I can't get rid of it.
Someone shoot me please.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You've Got Mail??!!??

So everyone knows that the boys are silent now...meaning no communication with them whatsoever for the next way too long to tell. I've actually been looking forward to this due to our email arguments and me being upset that I tend to have a one way conversation with myself because someone can't take a minute out of his day to say "hey, I love you, not much else to talk about" (we've already discussed his poor emailing...he knows he sucks at it...he told me he'd make an effort to write to me more often). So it's been pretty nice not obsessively checking my email or keeping my phone on vibrate in my pocket. I go on break today...and low and behold...I have an email. Hmmm...not expecting that and have no idea how it was sent out. It was a nice boring email...just like I told him to write. I also got a funny card in the mail made me laugh. It's really hard to stay mad at him...we resolved a few things while he was in port but our "hate" mail was the stuff of legends. I send ultimatums...he tells me to cut the shit out...we're both right in different ways. much as I hate to say this we should have just eloped before he left and not told anyone...then we wouldn't be arguing about this crap. I did get my credit card in the mail today so I can go visit Jimmy when he pulls in to port. I'm feeling a little better about things but we still have a few kinks to work out. Until then I play the role of wife minus the ring...