Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Christmas Musings

So I had a pleasant Christmas, minus getting a ticket on my way to my parents house. I helped my poor father with his shopping for my mother. Every year he drags me out to brave the last minute crowds. I finished my shopping a month early specifically to avoid said crowds. For those of you that don't know, I have mild claustrophobia when in some crowded places...and malls make me feel ill in general. I'm not a shopper. We ran all over Queensbury, then down to Saratoga because I made my mother take me to one of my fav restaurants for lunch. Mmmm duck sandwiches (Jimmy is jealous). We went out to the Olive Garden for dinner where my dad and I got our wine buzz on. I was able to see my friend Kaela, who lives in Chicago. I miss having my friends all in the same town, but I guess that's what happens when you grow up, you move. 
I was the first one up on Christmas internal Floyd alarm clock wakes me up at 7am. So my dad blares obnoxious christmas music to wake everyone up. I put Layla on everyone's bed...including my brother who is allergic :) My mother swore she wouldn't go overboard with presents this year, she lied as usual. We always have presents spewing out well as stockings. So I got some sweaters, lacy panty things that Jimmy should like, a gift card to Sephora, a transmitter for my ipod to play in the car, some children's books :) and a bunch of other stuff. The only thing that was missing was Jimmy. I typically hate Christmas, but we've always had good ones together. Waking up and opening presents under our mini-tree. I'm not going to lie and say that I wasn't sad, but we'll have our Christmas together soon.
Speaking of Jimmy, he decided to wait until this last port to skype with me....and I was in NY. So I had a broken conversation with him on x-mas eve, he had duty on x-mas day, and never called me the day after. I went to Sam's for dinner thinking I was in the clear, but he calls me! Sam, being nice and sharing, set up her computer for me so I could skype with Jimmy. Oh how I wish we had done this from the beginning. It's so much better to be able to see him. We talked for two hours that night...making faces at each other and laughing. He called me again last night and I was able to show him Floyd and Layla. He misses his dog...and I can't wait for them to reunite. I said goodbye through tears and know that I will see him again for real soon.
I didn't take any pictures but I stole the ones from Kim's blog. Jimmy with his molest-a-stache. He plans on keeping it when he walks off the boat...and shaving it as soon as he gets home!
I'm off to go spend the money that Karyn gave me for Christmas (thanks!)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mother F-ing Snow

I thought I had escaped the snow by moving to coastal CT. Apparently the snow has followed me. Some pics from the last few days. Oh....the pic of our cars...was after I had shoveled 4 times.
P.S. Jimmy misses home and called me SAW instead of SAP. Is it homecoming yet?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy Bee

December has turned out to be a rather hectic month. My cousin's bridal shower went well this past weekend. We had soooo much food that we had to bring some back to the men at her house. I was asked to stay the night but alas Floyd was home and I don't leave him by himself for that long. Apparently there was a boob contest going aunt told me I would have won :) I can only imagine what the bachelor/bachelorette party will be like. 
I substituted for the first time yesterday. I got to teach special ed to 3rd and 4th graders. I had a blast and was able to help some of the students in their classrooms...I even helped with Math!! Walking around the school and helping the kids out reaffirmed my yearning to get my Masters and get certified. I'm applying to a few more school districts and am hoping to be busy next semester.
On a great note...I got a phone call today from a certain someone. They are in Turkey for a little while and plan on doing a big bus tour tomorrow. I'm excited for him to get home already. It won't be too long before we can play Rock Band, cook dinner together, and spoon. I can't wait :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is December over yet?

You think this month would go by a little quicker since I'm so damned busy...but of course God likes to smite me whenever he can. I am thankful that I have things to do this month...November was a bit of a bust...mostly me moping because I wasn't working. I will hopefully start substituting soon for New London and North Stonington school districts. My interview with N. Stonington is tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. I've been on plenty of interviews but never really one for teaching so I hope I make a good impression. It's not guaranteed work but I'm hoping if I get accepted at enough districts I'll be called in a couple times a week. 
Other than that I went to a Christmas party last week with my mother. Her high school friend throws a huge party at his house every year. I always make fun of my mother for over decorating...she doesn't hold a candle to these people. Three trees, a real santa, and more ornaments than the North Pole. I got to sit on Santa's lap and I told him that all I want for Christmas is for Jimmy to come home safe and sound. That really is all I want....I have no need for material things...him being home would be the greatest Christmas present ever. Well...maybe a diamond ring too. Speaking of that I went to a beautiful park today called Harkness Park. An old Greek revival mansion, with gardens, right on the ocean. Engagement pictures....totally :) Can't wait!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Running around with my head cut off...

So today is December 1st and that means that deployment will be over with soon enough. I'm looking forward to not taking care of everything and to actually talk to Jimmy and get a response right away...instead of waiting for emails that may or may not come. I had a lovely Thanksgiving at home with family and friends. My life is in a state of chaos at the moment. I'm trying to get everything packed up so when Jimmy comes home...we can move as soon as we find a place. I looked at a townhouse today that seemed decent the good part of New London..with a dog park down the street. I'm still pushing Jimmy to move into housing...he's just not into it. I'm thinking it should either be that or we get a house. Living off base won't save us any money. I would personally like to get a house but with the creditors not lending much these days...I'm not sure if we can afford a monstrosity of a down payment...and get married in the same year. This is all fun stuff we can figure out once he gets home. Wedding plans are a go....I'm apparently planning a wedding without being formally asked to get married. This is typical Jimmy and Stephanie...we can't do anything right :) So hopefully I'll be getting a date and place soon...then we'll do the ring shopping when he gets home. I am making him get down on one knee and asking even though we've already agreed to this. It won't feel real unless he does it properly. I'm off to NH tomorrow to shop with my aunt for my cousin's bridal shower. Everyone is getting married and having kids! It's nuts...and looks like I'm jumping on the bandwagon too :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Good Day

So despite the techs having to order another part for my busted washer, cause the first two weren't the right ones, today was still a good day. Jimmy called me and we talked for over an hour. We're going to see Steve Winwood in NYC when he comes home and since I caved on that I asked if we could do something that I wanted to do. He assumed I wanted to tour the UN building...not quite. I told him I'd like to go to a jeweler that specifies in antique and replica engagement rings. He said really I swear he did. Then he starts talking about us getting married. I promise I didn't put words in his mouth. HE wants to get MARRIED. Holy shit. He thinks getting married in a courthouse and then doing a real ceremony later would be great. I'm not exactly down with that idea nor is my mom (she will kill me). This is a HUGE step for us. Usually I sit there and talk about our wedding and blah blah blah and he sits and says "uh huh". Nope this time he got into it...and suggested ideas!! 
As if that wasn't enough to make my day...I got employment papers in the mail from New London schools to substitute. Yay!
So yes...happy day to me. Leave Halloween open next year folks :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ohhhh sweet voice

So I got a call from Jimmy this afternoon and I cant describe how great it was to hear his voice. Ever since I came back from Bahrain things have gone losing my job, the washer breaking, mold problems, vacuum breaking, hearing from him makes my problems diminish. We laughed and joked and talked about moving. He found out about Steve Winwood playing, which i purposefully didn't tell him about (thanks Karyn lol), so it looks like we'll be heading to NYC after he comes home for beer drinking and music listening. I told him how I've priced out our entire wedding, and that we could afford to buy a house as well since my parents plan on paying for most of it. He told me how he likes to tell one of the guys some of the things I say in email. They turned me asking him if he wanted pork or chicken at my cousin's wedding into a rock/paper/scissors game. Apparently they get bored :) So he's back in Bahrain (this makes the 3rd time) and will be there until they get some stuff fixed. I love him so much and can't wait for him to come home.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Musings

So as most of you know, I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. It started in August....while perusing through Borders...I kept seeing billboards for this author and some book she was releasing. So i went home and did some research and noticed that the fourth and final book was coming out. Since I like vampires, I decided to read the first book. I read the 600 or so pages in an afternoon and ran back to the bookstore to buy the remaining three. It's been a while since I've been so obsessed with a you can guess how excited I was to go to the first showing of the movie at midnight last night.

I went in with no real expectations....knowing that the movie would never be as good as the book. There were two packed theaters full of teeny boppers, dressed in their Twilight t-shirts, giggling anxiously. Two hours later I left the theater wanting to come back and watch it again. It wasn't great by any means. They turned some serious scenes into corny, laughable moments. I felt bad for the cast, because I'm sure their acting skills are great, but the script was less than stellar. Overall I think it worked for most of the audience and I'm hoping they fix the flaws before the sequel comes out. Until then, I will reread my books, and wish that Jimmy could be as "dazzling" as Edward Cullen. My poor boyfriend...can't hold a candle to the vampire :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yay for me as well!

In response to Kim's post...yay!!! I bought my ticket to see Twilight at midnight on Thursday. (I'm hoping that since it's a school night...most of the teeny boppers can't go see it). I'm super psyched and am re-reading some of the books. For those of you who have not read this series...go read it! Some of the most engaging fiction I've ever read!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Playing around with the webcam

I got bored and decided to play with the webcam settings on our mac. I think I need to find a job :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I got roses!!!

So today is our three year anniversary. I sometimes can't believe that we've been together that seems like a liftetime ago. So I get a knock on the door...and low and behold...Jimmy has FINALLY remembered our anniversary. He has the worst memory known to man so this is really a triumph in my opinion. I now have a vase filled with two dozen lovely red roses. Layla is very happy that Daddy sent her a box to play in and Floyd wants to know why he can't chase the UPS guy back into his truck. It's a fun time for all of us basically. So there will be no 5 course homecooked meal like we normally do every year....but I have pretty roses to look at...and hopes that these last two months or so go by quickly.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I don't like to talk too much about politics because I don't like causing controversy, but after tonight, I just wanted to say how proud I am to be an American now. It's not because a democrat won, but because of how many people went out to vote today. This election, if anything, brought a sense of hope to voters on both sides of the fence. I loved seeing people get excited about politics again. It was refreshing.
As for me...I'm so blessed to be able to see history made. I'm so excited that we have an African American president and I know that this will move our country away from the disgust of racism. It's funny...I remembered sitting in my dorm room during the 2004 election...staying up til the wee hours of the morning....having my boyfriend console me on the phone because I was sobbing hysterically, so confused at how we could have elected Bush again. Tonight, I had tears streaming down my face for a different reason. As I watched Barack Obama give his acceptance speech tonight, I felt something that I hadn't felt in over 8 years. I felt hope. I am hopeful for the future of our country. 1/20/2009 can't come soon enough.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!!

As most people know Halloween is my favorite holiday and I haven't really celebrated it too much in the past few years.  So I decided that I would change that this year. I started off by paying a visit to a town that I absolutely adore...Salem, MA! I hadn't been there since I was 13 and was scared from all the scary things that jumped out at me. I put my brave face on and Samantha and I enjoyed our day full of witch and pirate history!! We went to a few museums, a spooky ghost story reading, shopping, drinking (yay Beer Works), and most importantly, drinking hot cider! We had a blast and decided we need to bring Joey and Jimmy next year.

On Halloween I actually went out with Bethany to our favorite bar, Double Down, for some drinking and costume watching. Well we walk in and see some scantily clad women dancing on the bar...which I don't necessarily blame them because Halloween is the one day out of the year that you can dress like a slut in public. So I went as a vampiress and Bethany doned a Grecian goddess costume. We met up with our bar friends, the ever fun loving, ass grabbing Grace, and the two Sarahs. We danced, drank, saw a giant penis, and watched a fight happen that ended in blood and someone going to the hospital. We left at that point and chalked it up to a fine Halloween! I plan on going home next weekend and out with my girls so I'm sure I'll have some more fun stories from that.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My trip to Bahrain

Just a few choice pictures of my trip. I had a wonderful time in the Middle East with the man that I love. We rode camels, swam in the rooftop pool, went to Oktoberfest, bought him custom made suits, had lots of sex, and I ate all the hummus I could! Being with him was wonderful...all I talked about was marriage and babies...he now knows what "princess cut" is :) I can't wait til this stupid deployment is over so we can get back to our lives.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Old Bucket List

To copy Kim's last blog, I found a list of things I wanted to do before I turn thirty. I'm pretty sure I wrote this when I was 20...and my how my perspective has changed. Everyone should get a good laugh out of this.

1) Live in a city (Albany doesn't count)
2) Pay off all my student loans (haaaaaaaaaa...)
3) Go to France, preferably often (Done Summer 2005)
4) Live in a nice apartment (Done, I liked our apartment in Saratoga)
5) Get my Master's (This better be done by the time I turn thirty)
6) Take horticulture classes
7) Wear a bikini (um...well I weigh less than I did then but I still have a long way to go)
8) Go on a vacation by myself
9) Go to Martinique
10) Have a stable career that I love (That probably won't happen until Jimmy retires)
11) Own one of: Lexus, Audi, Mercedes Benz (My tastes are much more economical..I want a hybrid)
12) Learn how to fix my own car (does changing a tire count?)
13)Meet a nice man who maybe I can settle down with (Sure as hell hope I've got this one in the bag...note how I didn't say marry...I didn't want to get married for the longest time)
14) Go back to Ireland...and sleep with an Irishman (I can probably do the first part...Jimmy won't like the latter)
15) Have a cat and dog (yay Floyd and Layla!)
16) Get my BA in French (done May 2006)
17) Have enough money to buy a house (Well...Jimmy and I will have enough money for a house..I guess that counts)
18) Sleep with a black man (what can I say...I was always curious)
19) Own a real Kate Spade bag (I'm hoping this may come true)
20) Feel powerful, accomplished, and happy (Wishful thinking)

So a few things are different...mainly I want kids before I turn thirty...and I kindly remind my loving man that every chance that I get. I also want to go travel some more, start a garden, get married and probably a few other things along the way :)
P.S. Still no Mac yet...alas no pictures :(

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back from the Middle East

So I made it back from my jaunt halfway across the world. I was sooo happy to step back on U.S. soil after the longest plane trip of my life. The minute Jimmy left all I wanted to do was go home. I plan on writing a long entry about my trip once our new mac comes in the mail this weekend. Our computer is dying and I can't upload pics anywhere without it freezing on me. So I figure I'll wait and do everything later.
On a not so happy note my job fired me for going to see Jimmy. Or, as they put it, I resigned. I'll write more on that as well. So basically it's back to square one. :(

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Greetings from Bahrain!

Just a quick note to say that Kim and I arrived safely to Bahrain yesterday morning (14th). We had a pleasant, but long, trip over here. The food on our flight was fantastic! I didn't sleep the night before at all...slept about 2-3 hours on the flight....took a 5 hour nap in the hotel...then slept probably 4-5 hours last night. I'm all over the place. Bahrain is beautiful! The architecture is a mix of ancient islamic and modern skyscrapers. The people are super friendly....and they all speak english! Seriously, I was prepared with my arabic phrasebook, and haven't had to use it once! Jimmy takes leave today at 4pm so I am anxiously awaiting his arrival. Justin came late last night so the three of us are going to venture around for a little bit. Will update with pictures later!!! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bon voyage à moi!

So as most of you know I am venturing to lands known only to me and a close few. I can't wait to see Jimmy! He's hinting that we maybe able to spend more quality time together than originally anticipated. I can't wait to give him the biggest hug and longest's been so long. Kim and I went electronic shopping for our trip yesterday and I came home with a cool, PINK ipod nano. I love it but am currently fighting with our piece of shit computer to get things rolling. Basically, we have no memory on our computer because a certain someone has too much shit on it. So I've started transferring all of his stuff onto discs since we're getting a mac when he comes home. Here's hoping we get there in one piece and that my hand dandy phrase book allows me to communicate with the locals. I'll write more and post pics once I get there :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


So September flew by and I am grateful for that. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the crispness in the air, apple everything, sweaters, and of course, changing leaves. Last weekend I ventured back home for Beth and Nate's wedding in Lake George. Sometimes I forget that CT is in a different climate zone until I realize that leaf peeping season is in full bloom in upstate NY. As I was sitting on the veranda, overlooking the mountains and Lake George, I realized how lucky I was to grow up in such a safe, beautiful part of the country. I miss it a lot sometimes and am thrilled that Jimmy wants to move back and build a home there when we're done with the Navy.

Speaking of the Navy, I've been trying to go out to see Jimmy when they pull in next. I can't tell you how many times the schedule and place has changed. It's been extremely frustrating for both of us but I'm holding strong. Work hates me enough as it is and I've tried explaining to them that my family comes first...basically everyone in our center takes way too much time off and I think they want to make an example out of the new girl. I honestly don't think they could fire me since they can't keep people there and no one applies to work there. Plus they just lost someone in our department. So for now I'm planning on hopping a plane pretty soon to destinations only known to myself and Kim. I'm looking forward to spending some time (even if it's only a little bit) with Jimmy and reaquainting ourselves. So here's to hopefully seeing my man...I can't wait to throw my arms around him and give him a big smack on the lips!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh Lordy, Lordy

So...I went out last night to celebrate my co-worker, Bethany's, 26th birthday. She's single, wants a guy, so we went on a manhunt last night! We came across a real bar! I thought they didn't exist in CT! Four pool tables, outside deck, big bar, dj and dance floor...and...a mechanical bull. Now I've never had the joy of finding a bar with such a wonder inside. Needless to say....sober Stephanie got on the bull....wrapped my legs around it...leaned back...and held on FOREVER. One of the guys we were talking to told me that I looked really good up there. Ha...poor guy. So I play wingman...because I'm a good friend and don't believe that you stop hanging out with single friends once you're taken. It's not fair to them...and I've been in that boat many times. So I very carefully talk with guys, but don't let them touch me. I talk up my friend..and by the end of the night...I ended up with 2 phone numbers...and she didn't have any. As we were pulling away from the bar...I stopped the car...and made her get out and give the guy she thought was cute her number. When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain...might as well take a risk. Then we went back to her place and sat in the hot tub....oh thank you jesus for that. When Jimmy and I build our house...I'm demanding a hot tub :) So happy birthday to Bethany...and kudos to me for still having it ;)
Waiting for the fun to start

There I go!
I finally gave up

Monday, September 15, 2008


Just something quick....Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on freakin hilarious!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

On a sidenote...

So I just got an email from Jimmy. I'm honestly surprised that we are even getting emails since they're on mission. This was a long one and full of him making fun of me...mainly my taste in movies (I like weird movies....and he stole them all that brat!). The best when he reference the future. We've only recently been discussing future plans so it means the world to me when he mentions it.
"I've listened to "The Honest Hour" from AOD, and I can't get get the line "...sipping beer on an aging porch..." out of my head. It seems like the place where you and I want to be in 30 years."

Cue the tears...
I love him.

Someone please explain this to me...

So I've been needing a new pair of kick around shorts to wear since my gap ones are completely dead. I'm doing my grocery shopping in Wal*Mart and I look over and find exercise shorts for 5 bucks. Great deal! I'm now wearing my shorts and pondering to myself...why are shorts super short these days? Seriously...all I want is for them to go mid-thigh...but no. They barely go past my ass. Now...I bought a large..because let's face it...I'm nowhere near small. Wouldn't you think that someone who buys that size should have a little more fabric? My thighs are my least favorite body part...they aren't cute and slim... I'm going to start making my own damn clothes!
On a good note Samantha and I went bar hopping in Mystic last night to celebrate the sorta 1/3 way through deployment! We had amazing pizza...great wine, pumpkin beer...and dessert! She had tiramisu and I had a fruit tart. And of course one must have dessert drinks with dessert. So I had a milky way martini and she had an espresso martini. Then one wasn't enough so we had a pomegranatini and a pear martini. Oh gosh sooooo good! We had a great time laughing and talking about our men. So cheers to 1/3 way...I'm sure we'll celebrate 3/8 or some other random fraction...any excuse to drink and have fun!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Everyone else is doing it...

So since everyone else is blogging about the upcoming election I figured I'd throw my two cents in. First, a little background. I originally was going to double major in french and political science but dropped poly sci to a minor. I tend to base my opinions off of my knowledge from school...I took a lot of foreign politics/policy classes and history classes on ethnic conflict. I don't really like to watch the news because it's all sorts of biased one way or the other (except for the BBC...after living in another country I've realized that our country's idea of journalism is horrendous). I was really, really into politics. I stayed up til two in the morning during the 2004 election and balled my eyes out when Bush was re-elected. I got to see firsthand how political races are run and what goes into making a politician (I was my Congresswoman's nanny). All of this....and I very well may abstain from voting this year. So here's my opinion...I'm not sugarcoating it.

I now live a military life. I support the military...I don't support the war. I never did, I never will. You cannot honestly tell me that "Operation Iraqi Freedom" was to free the Iraqi people. That is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. If we're so keen on saving oppressed people...there are plenty of ethnic groups around the world that are being exterminated that could use our help. I understand why we had the first Persian Gulf War. Iraq invaded Kuwait and that is unacceptable. It is also unacceptable for us to strike pre-emptively. Very simply don't hurt someone unless they hurt you first. All that I've ever been able to akin this to is Hitler's invasion of Austria and Czechoslovakia. I am glad that the Iraqi government wants us out and gave us a deadline. I think we need to let them have some more power and to start (slowly) withdrawing our troops. As far as the WMD reason for invading Iraq....well we saw how well that went. I think those issues should be left up to the UN. WE ARE NOT THE WORLD POLICE.

Another note on the military...and I'm sure people will be shocked to hear this. I do not care if Jimmy gets another raise like he does every year. It's nice that they want to give the military more money...but he gets paid enough. There are more pressing issues that that money can be used healthcare. Yes, I want universal health care. I've always wanted it and as a person living without health insurance right now....I completely understand. Tricare's ways of "no paying" is not the life of the average American. Case in point, I am debating accepting my company's health insurance because it's expensive and I don't make enough money to begin with...I really need that extra money to pay down debt, buy groceries, etc. Then there are people who work and don't get the choice for benefits because many businesses can't afford to buy policies. So yes...I think the government should take on healthcare and reform it. If it means they foot some of the be it.

I could keep going on things like education, foreign policy, the demise of the middle class, etc. But I'd love to talk about my favorite! Here we go: ABSTINENCE EDUCATION IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS, CONFOUNDED, BULLSHIT THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! I am horrified that our current administration only gives federal funding for abstinence only programs. In this day in age abstinence is no longer being practiced by the majority of unmarried people. We need to wake up and realize that kids are having sex...and unless you keep them under lock and key...they're going to do it. So we might as well curb the teen pregnancy and std stats by providing them with information on condoms and birth control. I can't tell you how infuriated this topic makes me. I am set with the crazy Christians running this country (note how I said crazy...meaning the fundamentalist ones who believe this shit and think they need to stuff their notions in our schools)

I've saved the best for last. I am pro-choice. I could never personally get an abortion unless I was raped. Now, as a person who has gone through sexual abuse, do you honestly want to tell me that I should endure 9 months of growing that bastard's child inside of me? Victims of want them to endure that as well? Of course they can give it up for adoption...but for christ's sake...they didn't get pregnant by mistake. I refuse, REFUSE, to let anyone tell me what I can and cannot do to my body. I do NOT want another leader that wants to take away my right to an abortion (yes I know John McCain is pro-choice and kudos to him for staying with that even though his party is usually pro-life...but his vp is that kind of ruined things for me). Do not call me un-Christian, God hates me, or anything like that for my beliefs....p.s. I think gays should marry too.

So who am I voting for? be honest I wanted Hillary to win the there went my candidate of choice. I think McCain is a wonderful man and an inspiration. His choice of a female vp was super smart. He is appealing to the group of women that want a woman in office no matter what, and no matter what party. I don't agree with most of his ideas or principles...nor that of his party's....because let's face it...he has a whole administration that will be behind them..and god knows who he will choose. If I am going to vote I will be voting for Obama/Biden. I very well may abstain from voting since our votes really don't count in the presidential election (I always vote in local elections). So time will tell.

And who will Jimmy be voting for? Probably no one...he doesn't vote. He leans to the right but doesn't know enough, nor cares to, about politics. I bet you thought we'd be voting for the same people. Let me make myself clear on how I feel about this. You are your own person. You should not let your husband, boyfriend, mom, dad, sibling, friend's voting style to affect yours. I can't tell you how upset I get when I find out that someone is voting for a candidate because such-and-such said they would be good. Please, I beg of you, inform yourself. Have your own opinions. Make your own decision.

I will leave on this final note. Drilling for more oil is only putting a band-aid on a gushing wound. It will work for a little while but oil is a NON-RENEWABLE energy source. It will run out. We need to invest our money in alternative forms of energy.
And global warming is a real problem. Let's each do our part to help slow it down.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mother F*cker

So I was having a decent week back...until today. Everyone knows that my job is not something that I'm particularly happy with...but I do it...because I'll be bored if I don't and Jimmy would kill me..and I don't like being unemployed. I accepted the job because Jimmy was leaving on deployment in a week and I didn't want him to have to pay my bills. So I took the low-paying job with high hopes of moving up quickly and getting health insurance again. Since I've been there it's been nothing but problems. Their philosophies are completely ridiculous and stupid. I can't put my 1 year olds in a high chair because it's "too restricting". I can't discipline the time out...we use redirection! The parents are allowed to walk all over the staff (case in point, we currently have a mother who has spread complete lies about me to my supervisors...thankfully they don't believe her...but one told her that she needs to stop causing problems or they will kick her daughter out). I've dealt with 7 screaming babies at one time...and no one being able to sleep because the cribs are in the same room as the play room. I've taken this all in stride...until today.
One of my co-workers has another job and works a few nights a week because we get paid crap (I get 11.25/hour...she gets 9.50). We noticed that the mid-shift didn't have to stay til 5:30 because we drop to 3 kids by we change the midshift. It's been working great. My supervisor decides today that she wants to change it back...and is giving us reasons that do not make sense. On top of that...she wants or late shift back to 10:30-7. Now please explain to me why, when our last child leaves at 6:20...and it takes 10 mins to close up...she wants us to stay to 7? Because on the slight off-chance that Vivian stays 10 mins later...she doesn't want to pay us overtime. And when we told her we'd lose a 1/2 hour if we left on time...she said we could find something to do until 7. WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO STAY AT WORK TIL 7 WHEN THEY CAN GO HOME???!!!??? So for the first time in my life...I spoke up for myself. I don't think she liked it...but I refused to sit there and have her talk to us like children...refusing to listen to us...and making a snap decision. So...I'm going to talk to her supervisor when I get a moment and explain that I have no problem working later if there are kids that actually stay later, but since they don't, I don't see a need to stay! I am so fed up and am going to try to find another job so I can throw my two week notice in her face. Does anyone know anywhere I can work that pays decently? I don't even care about benefits at this point.
It gets better. I come home and talk with my neighbor who informs me that our landlord is going to start charging for heat. Now we pay enough to live in this apartment, that if we weren't so pressed for time we would never be here, and the heat is included in this. That was a perk for paying a slightly higher rent. So I'm sitting here going....fuck me. Jimmy has sent him checks through february and I can't move because I can't start another lease somewhere because I don't have a we're stuck. All I wanted to do was save our money during deployment and I just keep running into problems left and right.
The icing on the computer has a virus and I can't get rid of it.
Someone shoot me please.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You've Got Mail??!!??

So everyone knows that the boys are silent now...meaning no communication with them whatsoever for the next way too long to tell. I've actually been looking forward to this due to our email arguments and me being upset that I tend to have a one way conversation with myself because someone can't take a minute out of his day to say "hey, I love you, not much else to talk about" (we've already discussed his poor emailing...he knows he sucks at it...he told me he'd make an effort to write to me more often). So it's been pretty nice not obsessively checking my email or keeping my phone on vibrate in my pocket. I go on break today...and low and behold...I have an email. Hmmm...not expecting that and have no idea how it was sent out. It was a nice boring email...just like I told him to write. I also got a funny card in the mail made me laugh. It's really hard to stay mad at him...we resolved a few things while he was in port but our "hate" mail was the stuff of legends. I send ultimatums...he tells me to cut the shit out...we're both right in different ways. much as I hate to say this we should have just eloped before he left and not told anyone...then we wouldn't be arguing about this crap. I did get my credit card in the mail today so I can go visit Jimmy when he pulls in to port. I'm feeling a little better about things but we still have a few kinks to work out. Until then I play the role of wife minus the ring...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm Back....

So after a wild and crazy week in CA and Vegas I am home. I am so glad to be home. I had a great time but was ready to leave after a few days. I felt that much farther away from Jimmy and I didn't like it. My family and I had a great time visiting with people and running all over CA. I managed to only lose $15 in Vegas...drank a 1/2 yard drink...and almost had to break up a fight between my brother and father and a couple of punk as kids at the blackjack table. What a mess. So here are a few of my fav pics from my trip....more blogging to come!
My Brother and I in Disney Land

Me at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas

My Brother and I in our birthtown of San Pedro

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leaving on a Jetplane...

So I haven't wrote anything in a while because not much has changed. Working and hanging out with friends is the gist of my life right now. I am leaving tomorrow to go to CA for a week with my family. A welcome break from all of the crap going on here. I shall return though...hopefully with a tan and some good pictures!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Music!

I added new music to my playlist so people don't have to listen to the same crap all the time. I plan on adding more once the songs come to me :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Musings...

So I was getting ready for work today, going through the motions, and wondered to myself...when did I stop caring about makeup? I have been raised on makeup and started wearing it at such a young age. I remember in fourth grade I participated in a modeling class and did some in store and runway modeling for Sears. My mother was selling Avon at the time and always had piles of she went out and bought me a purple caboodle (oh yes...remember those?) and I stashed it full of every color eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush I could get my little hands on. I stared in awe at the older girls putting on their makeup and I felt so proud of myself and felt beautiful whenever I wore it. I didn't start really wearing makeup until I was thirteen when my mother and I realized that my eyelashes were so light that I looked weird...thus my obsession with mascara began. I always wore a full face of makeup (sans lipstick...I'm still not a huge fan) in high school and remember teaching my college roomate how to put makeup on. No man ever saw me without makeup...I would wake up and brush my teeth and put on mascara before he would even blink.

Somewhere along the way...after college..after Jimmy and I had been together for a makeup started disappearing from my face. At first it was only in the summertime that I wouldn't wear only wear mascara and a little bit of foundation under my eyes (not where it is supposed to go). Katie came to visit me and did all of my makeup and I had no idea how to mix eyeshadows anymore or the proper way to apply foundation, concealer and blush. When she was done...I forgot that I can be pretty. I guess you reach a point when you're with someone where you let yourself go. Weight wise...I weigh less than I did in high I know that's good...but makeup used to be so important to me...and now I forget to take the time to do it. Then you wonder if your significant other is disappointed by this...and you care..but you don't want to because that's a silly girl thing to think...and you're a strong woman...he should love you no matter what you look like.

Then again...maybe I feel that I don't need to hide behind all of that paint. That my pale skin, and slightly dark undereye bags are what make

So yes...all of these thoughts stem from a glance in the mirror....

I need to stop overthinking things.

Pictures from Crete

Here are a few pictures posted on the Navy's website of the guys pulling in and out of Crete.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remember when you were young...

So I've been mentally traveling down memory lane and was thinking about our first date together. We had only been talking for about a week when he (surprise, surprise) asked me to go see a concert. I figured, what the hell, and so on November 11, 2005 we had our first date. He picked me up at my apartment on campus (I was a senior at UAlbany) and I saw him...and thought..."He's really cute and has a great smile". He had only been to the area for a few months and didn't know too many restaurants in Albany. I was a poor student and had a few expensive faves but settled on a mexican place downtown...complete with sombreros on the wall. We both drank Corona that night (he was pleasantly surprised that I liked beer...and an import as well) and had pretty decent conversation. The concert was a blues group (not super bluesy) and was in a theater. He playfully tried to get me to sway to the music...and while I enjoyed myself...I talk a little while to warm up. Afterwards we went to a club that had an upstairs with cozy couches....haha...he's smart. So we talked and talked and did one of those awkward moments...where I was looking at the ground...and looked up...and we just kissed. It was probably one of the best first kisses that I've ever had (and yes, I've kissed a lot of men). (sigh) we made out at a club...cliché but it was kind of like being lost in your own world. All the noise evaporated...and it was just me and him. He danced with me in the streets (he's a good dancer) and dropped me off at my apartment...with no intention of coming in :)

Our first date, may not be a "great" or "fabulous" first date in many women's eyes. We didn't do anything real romantic notions. For me it was perfect. I love remembering seeing his smile for the first time and how he kissed me...and still kisses me to this day. I miss his kisses, his laughter, our stupid way of talking to each other, his hugs, his affection, and his way of loving me. I am so lucky...and wish he was here with me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

He Learns Quickly....

The boys pulled into Greece and I got a phone call at 6:30 this morning from Jimmy. After last port's fiasco with the phones...he knew he better call me as soon as they pulled in. I love how we're finally at the point in our relationship where if something is bothering me, he makes sure not to do it again, and vice versa. It was so nice to hear his voice and have a real conversation. He doesn't have much time to spend there...but he told me he was going to go out to dinner with one of the other guys. I reminded him before he left to try as many different meals as he can! He was drinking a bud while talking to me and I yelled at him for drinking American beer. Apparently that's the only beer they carry...oops. Not much more to update...just trying to pass the time...happily...before he comes home!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quick Bitch Post..

So many people know that whenever Jimmy leaves me alone, something bad happens. One time our dog decided to act out and piss in the house, another time we got a two foot snowstorm and my car was stuck in the driveway. Mind you these incidents happen when he is gone for no more than a week. So with him being gone for can see why I'd get nervous. The day that he leaves, I find mold under our couches, growing from the carpet. Good thing we rent and the landlord can fix that (hopefully). Then there is an outstanding electric bill from when we lived in NY ( mind you the landlord there took her time putting the utilities back in her name) no big's paid. So now I've been working for only two weeks and those damn kids get me sick! I come home last night with a 101 fever and a sore throat and am freaking out because a)the only sickness I ever catch from kids is strep throat and b)I have no health insurance...mother f*cker. So I wait til this morning and found a health clinic that is open on Saturdays...I get down there...and nope...they don't do walk-ins. So I'm hoping that since my fever is gone that the sore throat will go away too and that I don't have strep. He's only been gone for a little while and I don't want to break in our emergency fund to pay for a doctor's visit (I have plans for that or vacation fund). So, once again, crap happens when he leaves...and I always take care of him when he's sick (he's a big baby). He's not here to take care of me. So I sit...with my ice cream watching LOST...waiting for relief.

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's About Time...

So after waiting, very impatiently, for a phone call from Jimmy, I finally got one yesterday. I had been an emotional wreck the past few days, knowing that all of my friends got phone calls, and wondering where mine was. Apparently he had tried calling me several times but there was something wrong with a number he had for his calling card and he kept getting Canada. So he somehow managed to get through and we had 15 mins to talk...and that's all I needed. He had a wonderful time in France (I knew he would) and wrote letters to me about everything he was seeing. I cried the whole time we were talking, and tried not to be too mad at him for the whole calling thing. I had to explain to him how embarassed I was that the man whom I gush about and say how wonderful he is, didn't call me right away. He understood and knows that next time, if he's having issues, to email me and say so. I'll be fine with that. He was so sweet on the phone, saying how much he missed me and loved me. I miss him so much...
To make things even better I received a card from him yesterday that he sent to his mom to mail to me. A very sweet I miss you already card...and discs one and two of LOST Season II! I'm super psyched and now have something to watch at night. I went over to Sam's house last night for dinner and wine with her and Kelly. Almost two bottles of wine later...we were laughing hysterically about the silliest things. I love girls' nights..especially with my friends from the boat...we all know what we're going through and no one else can really understand it. So now I'm off to work...I got my first paycheck today...woohoo!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Flowers are a Girl's Best Friend!

So my ass has been so busy with work and boat stuff that I haven't had much of a chance to blog. I got me some flowers from a certain boy on a submarine!! It's actually a plant, a "love" plant as we say in the West/Peterson household, and it's a gardenia plant which means it will smell lovely once it blooms! It makes me happy to know that Jimmy though of sending me flowers while he was away.

I sent him some pictures, a cd, and a letter in a maildrop and will be meeting up with fellow lovely Lady Alex women to make care packages tomorrow after work. He's going to be so stoked to receive bbq sunflower seeds...he loveeeeeeeees them!

So yeah...not much to report...just trying not to kill children at work and keeping sane with friends o' plenty. Life is swell!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Been a Hard Day's Night...

So I haven't had much free time to blog since I started my new job. I am an associate teacher in an infant classroom at a childcare facility in the area. I'm still getting used to things and pray that once we get the kids on a will be a little more calm. Going from not working at all to a classroom of 7-8 children all under the age of two is a little chalenging. Yesterday the lead teacher left for an emergency at 11 leaving 7 kids to me and my co-worker. She just got transferred to this classroom and I'm brand new. We somehow made it through...even with 4 crying children all at once. I'm hoping that things get better because I really don't want to change jobs again for a while. This job doesn't pay much at all and if I can't take care of my bills, groceries, and paying my credit card down....I may have to look elsewhere.
I've been doing really well in dealing with this deployment. I hadn't cried really and I've been so busy this week that I haven't had time to think about it. The only time I got upset was last night at our family support group meeting. One of the guys from squadron was talking and announced that all non-spouses had to leave the room because he would be discussing the boat's schedule (aka when and where they were pulling into). Well that made me upset even though I knew I'd get the information from some of my friends after he left. Between that and one of the master chiefs telling Jimmy that he didn't "give a fuck if he has a girlfriend", I'm kind of pissed. I understand their reasoning, but I am his person of contact and should be entitled to information. I can't get on base, have his benefits, or do a whole lot of other things because we aren't married...and I'm fine with that...but the main reason I go to these meetings is to get any shred of information. So yeah...the Navy (not the fsg or my ombudsman because it's not them whatsoever) can go fuck itself.
On a better note I missed a UPS delivery for flowers yesterday. I plan on picking them up today and will post a picture later. Jimmy has never sent me flowers before so this should be good :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

Thought that I would post some pics from my fabulous weekend with Katie!! We had a great time in Mystic, at the casino, and at the margaritas always make things better :)

Me in Olde Mystick Village

In the Ocean!

Sunbathing Beauties!

At Mohegan Sun

Drinking homemade margaritas!
This was just what I needed to take my mind off from Jimmy. I'm blessed to have such great friends who love me!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bye Bye Sailor Boy

So the time came and went for Jimmy to leave on his long deployment. They had a picnic prepared for everyone on the pier and we all said our goodbyes. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. I think part of it had to do with everyone being there...I'm not a fan of crying in front of we kept it relatively short and sweet. So a bunch of the wives and myself stuck around to watch the boat leave from the pier. We waited...and waited...and waited. Something broke. They weren't sure if they would be able to fix it to leave that day. So eventually we all left and waited around by the phone to see if I had to go back down there to pick his ass up. In the meantime, as I was cleaning, I noticed something fuzzy on the ground by the couch. I pulled the sofa away and noticed that the entire carpet underneath was covered in a thick layer of green mildew/mold. That was when I lost it and started crying. He hadn't been gone for even a day and something bad happens. I vaccumed everything up and called my landlord the next day....issue still unresolved at this point in time. During my crisis I got a phone call that they weren't going to leave that day. So I went down and picked Jimmy up and was able to spend one more night with him. So now he's gone and I'm still waiting for it to hit me. My best friend and former roomie from college Katie is in town visiting and I start my new job on Monday so I plan to keep as busy as possible. Last night we made homemade margaritas, read tarot cards, and watched Practical Magic. Today was spent shopping at Olde Mystick Village and tonight we'll be venturing to the casino to drink and play slots :) I love my Katie and am glad she came down to see me. So here's to 6-7 months by myself!! Let's hope I make it....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finances, and Paperwork, and Deployment oh my!

So with this deployment rearing its ugly head soon we've been trying to get everything situated ASAP. There has not been nearly enough time between Jimmy being home and leaving again meaning the financial talk has been put off for a while....thus leading to another episode of me crying because I'm frustrated. We finally figured out a few things yesterday but I still fear that some things aren't being taken care of. When someone is gone for six months a lot of crap can happen. So basically I'm still stressing out about things and I'm once again at the point where I wish he would just leave and get it over with. I know that's a horrible thing to say but I the waiting period is no good and I feel like we're just drawing out the whole goodbye.
On a lighter note I've rediscovered cribbage! Jimmy has a cribbage board and we started playing the other night. We proceeded to drink and play cribbage late into the night and discovered the next morning that neither one of us can drink like we used to. I'm looking forward to my six months of next-to-no alcohol. We've also found a park nearby that has a lake for us to swim in. We've brought Floyd and he enjoys it...a bit too much perhaps. He swam to me and it was where I couldn't touch. I missed catching him and he basically scratched my entire back and I have a huge,red gash under my right eye...I'm looking like a hot mess right now. So, note to self, don't try to hold Floyd anymore while we're in the water.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Got a Job!

So after two months of unemployment I finally got a job. I will be working at Eagleview Child Center as an Infant Teacher. I get paid to play with babies all day. I'm excited to finally have something to do with my time...and health insurance! That's important to me. So I start in a couple of weeks. That will give me time to mentally prepare for poopy diapers and slobbery kids :)

Ten Things I Love and Hate

In response to Kim's challenge....

Things That I Love
1. My boyfriend/family/friends
2. Music
3. France
4. Books
5. Autumn
6. the Ocean
7. Art
8. Travelling anywhere and everywhere
9. Sleeping Beauty
10. Roasted almonds and chicken on a stick w/tabasco sauce from the vendors in NYC

Things That I Hate/Dislike
1. Liars/Cheaters
2. The President
3. Deployments
4. 6 Months of's 4 months too long
5. Hummers...seriously people
6. Children's parents that don't discipline their children and let them do whatever they want
7. Really bad breath
8. The majority of politicians...I used to want to be one...til I realized that my soul would be sold to the devil
9. Religious/civil/racial intolerance...Your race/religion/belief system is not the stop thinking so and stop shoving your idealism down everyone's throat
10. Child molesters...I think there is a special place in hell for them

Friday, June 27, 2008

Miniature Disasters

So things have returned back to a state of normalness in the West/Peterson household. It's hard trying to be happy together when I know that he is leaving again soon...and for a long time. We went shopping the other day and he had asked me if I wanted to go here or there to look at things and I was so miserable that I started sobbing in the car. I'm glad that my tears no longer scare him and that he truly does want to know what's wrong with me. I told him that I feel like a burden to him because I haven't been able to find a job yet and soon my money is going to run out. I don't like the idea of someone else paying my bills and we hadn't had the financial situation conversation at that point. He assurred me that I am not a burden and that while I may not contribute financially, I take care of our home and our pets. He also reminded me that he loved me and is invested in our relationship: physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. I've never had the money conversation with anyone before, because frankly, I've always taken care of myself and I've never lived with a significant other before Jimmy. I guess I just don't want him to be disappointed in me. I want to live up to his expectations. I realize that I need to stop being so hard on myself. I know that things will work out and I'll get a job eventually. In the meantime, he'll take care of me and our animal family if need be. His upcoming deployment is weighing heavily on my heart. While I want to enjoy our time together, I'm trying to keep some distance because it's going to be that much harder when he leaves. I love him, and I love our life together and I really don't want him to leave again.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Bushel and a Peck...

So my man is finally home and things are getting back to normal-ish. I had been up since 3:30 the morning he came in and met some of the other wives to watch the boat come in. I have some great pictures that I plan to post on here/myspace. I was waiting at the pier for what seemed like forever (Jimmy is a nuke, therefore the last group of men to get off the boat). He came over to see me briefly before he had to go and shut down the reactor. I kissed him...and it felt awkward. I was expecting elation, love, all those happy emotions and what do I get...weirdness. I started freaking out about that while I waited a few hours for him to be finished. That feeling finally went away after a couple of hours. I told him about it, and how if I felt that way only after a month, what is 6-7 months going to feel like? I was just so used to him being gone, and I had my routine going, that he seemed like a stranger in my home. Things are much better now and back to normal. He actually said the sweetest thing to me the night that he came home. He told me that the longer he was underway the more he missed me and how happy he was that we're back together and that he had me to come home to. For those of you that know our history, that was a big deal for me. For those who don't, I won't go into details but Jimmy and I have gone through a lot in our relationship and we've not always been together over the past three years. Jimmy rarely says anything to that degree so when he does, you appreciate it and let him know that. Which is just what I did! So now we're home and may try to do a few fun things before he leaves again. I have a job interview tomorrow at a pre-school/daycare center. It won't pay much but at least it will keep me busy and give me health insurance so I can go to the damn doctor. Plus I'd be around kids, and everyone knows how much I love being around children. So cross your fingers ;)

Friday, June 20, 2008

100 Things

After reading Kim and Samantha's blog I decided to make my own:

1. I'm an Aries, and am pretty true to the characteristics
2. Autumn is my favorite season
3. I was born in CA but call upstate NY home
4. I speak French
5. Jimmy and I had our first date at a Robert Cray concert on November 11, was a perfect first date
6. I love all seafood and indulge in Mexican food once in a while
7. I am stubborn
8. I cry when I get angry/frustrated...and only yell when I'm very, very pissed off
9. I correct people when they make spelling errors, I know it's not the nicest thing to do but I can't help it, it drives me insane
10. I have never felt more assured of myself then when I lived in France
11. I want to go back to school and get my Master's to teach
12. I never wanted to get married or have children...things change when you grow up
13. I have a younger brother who is 21 and an older half brother who is 33...I normally only say that I have a younger brother...I didn't grow up with my older brother nor have the best relationship with him
14. I hate medicine and can't wait to go off birth control during this deployment. I prefer natural healing methods and think that this entire country is overly medicated.
15. I have minors in Political Science and Art interests vary
16. I want nothing but boys but can't think of any names that I love. If I have a girl she will be named Audrey Joanna...after my two grandmothers
17. I have been to almost 100 boyfriend has been to almost 300...we like music
18. I don't think you need to sleep with someone to see if they are good in bed...a kiss will suffice
19. I have been to the following countries: England, Ireland, Canada, France, Monaco, Italy, and Spain...I want to see the world
20. I have always been an independent person and I don't like people taking care of me
21. Jimmy and I have a dog named Floyd and a cat named Layla...all subsequent animals will be named after bands/songs
22. My favorite artist is René Magritte...he's a surrealist painter...not everyone's cup of tea
23. I never thought in a million years that I would be in a love with a military man
24. I am always reading a book...ALWAYS
25. I have never been to the hospital for broken bones, no diseases, nada
26. I live in constant fear that I will not be able to have children, I'm perfectly healthy but terrified that I can't have kids
27. I love how my boyfriend knows that he MUST hold me for a few minutes before we go to bed every exceptions
28. My first year of college was spent at an all-girls Catholic school...I loved it and should have stayed there (but I never would have met Jimmy)
29. Jimmy and I love playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero...I sing, he plays guitar...we really get into it
30. I like flowers...I don't really care what they are but orchids are the coolest looking
31. Jimmy is not really when he does romantic things I appreciate them a lot
32. I was raised Catholic and go to church when I can but am open to other religions
33. I am liberal in my beliefs, my boyfriend isn't for the most part, this is ok
34. I could never imagine being an only child
35. I have mixed heritage but mostly associate myself with my Irish side. I'm also Native American on both sides
36. I love the ocean
37. I am blessed to have a man that can dance
38. I love red wine and beer
39. I didn't do much drinking or partying until after college
40. My favorite color is red
41. I eat tomatoes whole
42. I am terrified of worms, snails, and slugs
43. My mother is the oldest of 8 children...I love having a big family
44. I get angry when I think of my grandmother who died when she was 58 from smoking when I was 12...I could have still had a grandmother...
45. I get asked this question a lot, yes I am naturally blonde and no I do not dye/get highlights
46. I will spend a lot of money on makeup, not on shoes
47. I do not like to shop..If I stay in a mall for more than 2 hours I start feeling sick
48. I have a small hole above my right ear that has been there since I was born
49. I can't see things unless they are in front of my face...I hate having poor vision
50. I give incredible advice and am easy to talk to...However, I don't follow my own advice
51. I have never dated the same man twice...they are all very different...I like that
52. I have been in love three times
53. My favorite disney princess is Sleeping Beauty...I collect things from the movie
54. I love sapphires and refuse to wear diamonds unless they are conflict free
55. I think that being in a relationship is much better than being single...I don't miss it
56. My mother, brother, and I have matching moles on our hands
57. I sing...all the time
58. Cooking is something that I enjoy...I love that my boyfriend is a great cook
59. Jimmy and I don't have pet names for each's simply babe... we rarely call each other by our names
60. I have an incredible relationship with my parents, I can talk to them about anything, I hope it will be that way for me and my children
61. My great-grandparents were bootleggers during Prohibition...I think that's awesome
62. Jimmy and I have not had a perfect, fairtale relationship...I think it's made us stronger in the end
63. To this day I still love to color...I always have a coloring book and crayons around
64. I can't stand it when people swear in front of children
65. I am trying to go green...I buy organic when I can, I clean with green products, and we have burlap shopping bags...Jimmy is into it which makes me happy
66. Jimmy will leave a cup with a tea bag in it and the honey out for me in the morning...if it's the weekend he will make me tea
67. I love animals and would be content to live on a farm
68. I love to camp and go hiking...I don't do it enough
69. I used to be a bitch...I've softened in my old age.
70. I think snakes are cute
71. I would love to be debt free someday...student loans are not nice
72. I read tarot cards for fun
73. I have never been so angry or so happy with someone as I've been with Jimmy...for better or for worse
74. I've seen dead people, on four separate occasions, therefore I believe in ghosts
75. I get really angry when people criticize the what if they don't want to join us in Iraq...I don't blame them...and yes we liberated them during WWII...but we wouldn't be a country if they didn't come to our aid during the Revolutionary War
76. I, unlike most women I know, had a perfect first time...
77. I only like to write with blue pens
78. I have an incredible memory...I can repeat what you said and where we were...this gets Jimmy into a lot of trouble
79. I don't read Cosmo...I read Good Housekeeping
80. Jimmy and I call Paula Deen, Grandma and B.B. King, Grandpa...we would imagine that they would be cool grandparents
81. I hate onions...HATE them
82. I love watching's weird
83. My pinky toes curl under the toes next to it...My grandmother's did the same thing
84. I love cities but I prefer to live in the woods
85. My initials are SAP...I was teased for a long time for that...My intitals will be SAW when Jimmy and I get married...oh joy
86. I think deployments pretty much suck...but I know I'm strong enough to deal with it
87. Jimmy has light brown hair and can grow a full, RED, beard...and I love it
88. I don't like to sleep in past 8:30...I feel like my day has been wasted
89. I will never understand how people can go to jail for years for smoking pot yet child molesters can roam free...
90. I have a small collection of collectable barbie dolls
91. I love rollercoasters
92. I will take an intelligent man over the most attractive one anyday
93. I can be blunt may make people uncomfortable
94. I don't trust people right takes a while
95. I love how jimmy and I will talk like sid the sloth to each's schooper schweet...yes we talk like that in public sometimes
96. I secretly love how passionate Jimmy is about music...I think it's important to be passionate about something
97. I hate moving...I will be moving a lot in my life
98. I don't like that my father will be 60 soon...that's grandpa age
99. I have a close few that are my good friends and a lot of aquaintances
100. My boyfriend is my best friend

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Layla and other assorted love songs

We're nearing the end of this small deployment and I'm going through a whirlwind of emotions. I'm elated that I will be able to see the man that I love so much again. On the other hand the first week that he was gone was horrible and I don't want to go through that again. I feel like I've done pretty well and I'm a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. It's funny, before Jimmy left he told me that he wouldn't be worried about me because I'm a "strong woman" and can handle something as gut wrenching as deployment. I've thought a lot about what he said and realize that the military life is not for everyone. This isn't easy by any means and being away from your loved one for many months at a time, sometimes not hearing from them for weeks/months would be enough to ruin many a relationship. I admire the women that I've met who work so hard to keep their families as "normal" as possible given the circumstances. I am amazed that I love someone so much that I moved to a place away from my friends and family, gave up a decent paying job (when I worked at State Farm, not rental), and watched him leave knowing that I wouldn't see him for quite sometime. I never thought in a million years that I would become a military wife (I say wife because frankly, I stopped feeling like a girlfriend a while ago). I know that we will make it through this and be stronger because of it. I love my boyfriend more than anything in this world and am so proud of him...

On a lighter note, we have a new addition to our family! One of the other wives from the boat has a cat who unexpectedly had kittens. So I decided to take one off her hands...her name is Layla and she is cuddly, curious, and frisky. Floyd and her seem to be tolerating each other...someday I hope that they grow to love each other :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nature girl!

So in an attempt to keep my boredom at bay..I've been making sure to get out of the house at least once a day. Saturday I took Floyd to the dog park and watched him run around. There is a path around the park that equals a mile so we walked a bit beforehand. He loves being off his leash, but he's still not a fan of other dogs. I went to church on Sunday...yes I know hell must have frozen over, but it's something to do and it's free! I was thinking about trying the different churches in the area and seeing which one I like the best. I've never been to any service other than Catholic so I'm not sure what to expect. It has been hot and muggy out and we had our first thunderstorm last night!! I was taking Floyd for a walk and we got caught in the downpour...a welcome relief from all the humidty though. This morning was spent at Mohegan Park in Norwich. I went for the rose gardens and was slightly upset that they were closed for cultivation/gardening purposes. Luckily for myself there was much more to this secluded wonder. There is a huge pond (more like a small lake) with a fountain in the middle and a FREE beach. Ivy strewn arbors stood atop the bridge and roses lined the path on either side. I walked around and dipped my feet in the was warm! I'm thinking of going back to the beach and swimming for a day. I took pictures for Jimmy and plan on taking him when he comes home. There are lots of free and cheap things to do in the area and I'm making it a point to visit them...then I can play tour guide to my friends when they visit. I took the long way home along a scenic road and realized that I don't really hate it here...I just never took the time to see the beauty of the area. I'm eagerly anticipating Jimmy's arrival back. We've been emailing each other and he's doing well...trying to get qualified. I miss him a lot and hope that by the time he comes home I'll have a job :(

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All You Need is Love

So I spent a lovely weekend in Queensbury for my best friend Victoria's wedding. It was exactly what I needed to get out of my feeling sorry for myself funk. We started the weekend's festivities with drinking @ Vicki's apartment for the bachelorette party (we were going to go camping but alas the weather sucks). The party was made complete with booze, inflatible penis, penis straws, sex trivia cards, and a seance. Tequila was downed by many (not me!) and funny stories were told. I had a blast! The rehearsal dinner was a big bbq @ Victoria's grandparents house. We ran through the wedding twice since there were 4 little ones participating (craziness). I spent the night with Victoria and her mom. She was so calm and I know I will not be that way at all when my day comes.

We woke up @ 5am (note to self, have a later wedding so you can sleep a little the night before) and got our hair done. It was a zoo in that house...4 children...6 bridesmaids...a bride...and two nervous parents. The florist was late with the flowers...therefore we were a little rushed with photos but I think they came out well. Once we got to the venue Victoria finally looked a little nervous...I was nervous for her the whole time. She looked absolutely amazing! My best friend is a bit of a tomboy and you never would have guessed it looking at her. The ceremony went off without a hitch! Beth set free butterflies and they clung to everyone! I had two hiding in my bouquet afterwards.

We were so busy taking pictures that we missed the 1st hour of open bar. Therefore most of the pics of me from the reception are with drink in hand. I was pretty bombed and I danced the whole freakin night. I forgot how much fun I have with my friends from high school when we all get together. I miss our girl nights of wild debauchery. It's crazy to think that we're at the age of marriage now. After going to the wedding I have the overwhelming desire to get married. I'm hoping it's I'm sure Jimmy is too. We've talked about marriage and kids before...I'm sure it will happen someday...just not right now. Which I'm good with...for a while. I'm on a five year plan. I want to be pregnant or have a little one in 5 years. I don't want to be too old of a mom.

Speaking of Jimmy he called me all weekend long! His sub had pulled into port in FL and he apparently had a great time! I'm glad he's making friends and was able to visit a state he's never been to! I really wish he had been at the wedding though. I miss him but he'll be home soon for a little while!

On a better note I had a job interview today. It went well but I don't think I'll take the position. The hours are 11-8 and I need something that's earlier than that. I want to be able to spend time with my boyfriend before bed. So...the search is still on!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why I Love my Boyfriend

So I came home this morning to an empty house (excluding my dog Floyd) and I sat down to the computer desk. We have papers all over the table adjacent to the desk and as I was rearranging papers I noticed a card for me. It simply said "I Love You" and a few sweet words from Jimmy. In the card was Disc 1 of the first season of LOST with a note saying follow the clues. My boyfriend created a treasure hunt for me around the apartment in order to obtain the entire first season. I started laughing and crying at the same time because the clues were hilarious (some I knew exactly where to look). Now I have the first season of LOST to watch while he is away. He also bought me 10 puzzles to do, some large some small, and I bought the first season of The Tudors to I should have be kept busy. I also have my knitting and a class to do. I'm taking a class for Jimmy because his program is being discontinued next year so he has to finish his degree ASAP. I'm actually looking forward to it. I miss school and International Management is a class I took many moons ago so I should do well. Other than that my attempt to find a job is still in progress. I've applied for a few positions and am just waiting to hear back for an interview. I tend to do really well on's just getting to that stage. I wouldn't mind doing part time work at this point...sitting around the house gets boring after a while.
Floyd and I will be leaving soon to Upstate NY for my best friend's wedding this weekend. I'm excited to see all of my friends, and to go camping!! So I'm just trying to keep my chin up for now...and am silently counting down the days til Jimmy comes home (I'm not allowed to say's a secret!!)

Stay or Leave

Maybe different but remember Winters warm there you and I
Kissing whiskey by the fire With the snow outside
And the summer comes The river swims at midnight shiver cold
Touch the bottom you and I With muddy toes
Stay or leaveI want you not to go but you should
It was good as good goes
Stay or leave I want you not to go but you did
Wake up naked drinking coffee Making plans to change the world
While the world is changing us It was good good love
You used to laugh under the covers Maybe not so often now
The way I used to laugh with you Was loud and hard
Stay or leave I want you not to go but you should
It was good as good goes
Stay or leave I want you not to go but you did
So what to do
With the rest of the day's afternoon hey
Isn't it strange how we change
Everything we did
Did I do all that I should
That I coulda done
Remember we used to dance
And everyone wanted to be
You and me
I want to be too
What day is this
Besides the day you left me
What day is this
Besides the day you went
So what to do
With the rest of the day's afternoon hey
Well isn't it strange how we change
Everything we did
Did I do all that I could
Remember we used to dance
And everyone wanted to be
You and me, I want to be too
What day is this
Besides the day you went babe
What day is this? ~DMB

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quarter Life Crisis

So after almost two years with Enterprise I decided, after a day 1/2 in CT rental, that I can no longer work for this company. I've never enjoyed working for Enterprise and I tolerated my position at State Farm for the past 8 months. It definately wasn't what I wanted to do and my boss drove me up a wall, but I was able to work a 40 hr work week and I only had to work 1 Saturday every six weeks. I had a life outside of work. This is probably the most important aspect of work to me...that I am not working so much that I can't enjoy my life outside of the company. So when I found out that I couldn't do what I was doing in New York out here...I was really disappointed. I tried to find a job before I started working in rental here but had problems since I was living in NY and trying to find work in CT. As the end of my two week vacation came to a close the reality of going into rental again reared its ugly head.

For those of you who may not understand the Enterprise rental experience, I will break it down for you. The hours in CT are 7:30-6 Monday thru Friday and 9-12 on Saturdays. Let me make this point clear never, EVER get out at six. It's usually closer to 7 since morons can't read signs and want rides 20 mins out of the way at 5:45 p.m.....not to mention you may need to grab some cars from another office, and since you're so short-staffed (ALWAYS) you can only do this after-hours. Now back in NY we were able to have 1 day per week in which we could come in at noon or leave at one. I found out that they don't do this in CT so good luck getting any errands done unless you take time off to do them. The office in CT has a 70 car satellite that is also open on you need two people at the main office and one on @ the satellite every Saturday. There is only 1 manager, two assistant managers, and two employees. Do the math and see how often I would have to work a Saturday. Even after I realized all of this I figured I'd try things out....until I went on my first pick up in the ghetto.

So I'm driving along to pick up some thug in the ghettos of Norwich. For those of you familiar with NY...think of Troy...but worse and bigger. I'm looking nice in my heels, button down shirt, and skirt and pull up to this multi-family dump with people stoop sitting outside. I ask around and find the person who needs a ride back to the office. He proceeds to look me up and down, says "Hey baby, didn't realize they were sending someone as fine as you out to get me", and gets in the car with me. I laugh it off until we start the drive back to the office where he proceeds to ask me out multiple times and even goes as far as to put his hand on my leg. I thought to this is what I'm going to have to deal with everyday out here. Then I snapped. I dropped him off...spoke to my assistant manager...and told him that I am resigning immediately. I refuse to put myself in danger because this f*ing company can't properly staff an office so that women don't have to do these things. I also was thinking of my dog as well. Jimmy is going to be gone for quite sometime and if I am leaving the house @ 7am and not returning til 7pm...he's going to be alone in his kennel for 12 hours, 5 days a week. It wasn't fair for him...or me for that matter.

So now I am unemployed and looking...I check about 5-6 different websites everyday for work and have my resumé posted on them. I have enough money to pay my bills for a couple of months so I'll be fine in that respect. While my boyfriend may not be happy with my decision, he knows that I need to do this for myself. I'm going to be miserable enough with him gone, I don't want to be miserable with work as well. So if anyone knows of a company that's hiring out here...let me know! I'm keeping my options open and hoping something comes up soon...