Monday, April 23, 2012

Almost Go Time!

Well, I'm just about 39 weeks pregnant and no sign of baby showing up anytime soon. Jimmy has been working some crazy hours lately, but we've managed to find some time to get things done and to enjoy our last few weeks as a duo. We went to Maine for a few days to spend some quality time together and to get out of Dodge. We had a wonderful time checking out the small cities of Portland and Portsmouth, and basically relaxing. We also managed to finish the baby's nursery and got some maternity pictures taken (see above- props to Des'ola Photography for the awesome pics). Everything is coming together and now we basically play the waiting game. I go to the midwives' office once a week now and they are great about letting things play out naturally and going along with my desires. I'm trying every natural way I know how to get things moving, but the little man is determined to stay put until he wants to come out.
Jimmy has been a great help and comfort during these past weeks. He's on board with my birth plan and listens to all of my worries. He helps around the house even after working 12-15 hours per day. He's even down with doing things that I think most men would cringe at (look up perineal massage-it's a good time for all *sarcasm*). Right now he's scheduled to stay behind while the boat goes out for the next underway. I'm hoping that stays put because I really need him there for the birth :)
Hopefully my next update will have some baby pictures in it! We are soooo ready to meet our son!