Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring is in the Air?!

Oh my goodness, the forecast for this week is fantastic! It's going to be in the forties all week and even the high fifties on Friday. Thank God! This winter has been rough so far, with so many snowstorms and some really cold days. It makes me long for sunshine and flip flops. My first two weeks of this semester saw three of my classes cancelled due to bad weather. I shouldn't complain but this is probably my busiest semester yet and I actually need some class time in order to figure out what the heck I need to do. I have 60 hours of classroom observation that I need to complete. I've already met my teacher that I'll be working with and was able to help proctor an ESL assessment exam the other day. The school I'm working in is in an urban area, which is much different than where I went to school and the school that I've substituted in. I'm really excited about it though because I feel that it is important for teachers to step outside their comfort zone in order to become great educators. I'm sure I'll have some great stories by the end of this semester.
Jimmy is out to sea...again. Yep, apparently being home for a month and a half is long enough before they send them out again. Luckily, this is the last underway for a long, long time. We need this time together to be married and have a semi-normal life. We've been arguing lately and I'd like to sit down and figure stuff out instead of communicating through emails. He's putting in for an officer program that I'm not really excited about. I was even less excited when I realized that by the time he would be done with the training, etc...he would go straight to a carrier. So, that's two more years of sea duty when we should be doing a shore tour. Yeah, um, no thanks. I have friends who are officer's wives and the life doesn't appeal to me. I understand that they get paid more but they move every 2 1/2 years and I'm not big on all of the forced Navy get-togethers. I can't have a career if I'm moving that often. So, we have a lot to discuss and I'm not really looking forward to it.
Other than that, things are moving along in the West household. I'm planning all sorts of things for this summer, including a mini-trip for Jimmy's 30th birthday. I can't believe he's turning 30, considering we met when he was 24. He is going to love his birthday surprise and will be counting his lucky stars that he has such an awesome wife.
I'll leave my readers with this lovely picture of Floyd, right after he came back in from frolicking through the snow :) He's pretty cute, isn't he?